Canada Abandoned You! What Now?

As Albertans we have persevered. We have worked hard. We have done our best, and we even have supported Eastern Canada with the wealth of our neighbours, as a good neighbour.

Let’s face it, you didn’t abandon Canada.

Canada abandoned you.

All the regions of Canada have spoken and it’s clear that we are different. We have different aspirations. We, as Albertans, don’t have to agree and nor do they.

We just have to set our own path…

The election has made clear that Alberta are different. We always have been since 1905, and even Wilfrid Laurier was afraid, so afraid that he split Alberta and Saskatchewan, fearing the future that our influence and spirit would one day threaten the pre-designed plan to allow Quebec to control us.

One thing we know about Albertans is we can’t and won’t be controlled.

Albertans are proud and determined, daring to dream, pioneers willing to lead and accomplish lofty goals that others call impossible.

Enough is enough.

We are different. We now move forward from Colony to Destiny.

Be a part of the energy.

Register as a member for the only registered party in Alberta committed to a referendum on separation and get involved today.

Watch for our upcoming 2019 “from Colony to Destiny” Speaking Tour coming to your town very soon.

If you or someone you know wants us to speak at your next meeting, no matter the size, contact us right away at  and we will be there for you.

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