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  • commented on Contact Us 2021-03-01 18:43:48 -0700
    First thing for a political party should do is , good presents in appearance and business ethic. Sound articulated , sensible change that promotes trust and integrity. In presenting themselves as a truly viable option.

    I will say that Alberta has some of the mindful , intelligent people that are in key note positions that , I my self have sat and listened to some of the most spectacular lectures , by Alberta business and law professionals.

    The business side of this equation is paramount, and trust me if you’ve mis aligned with this particular, miscalculation. It is non retrievable. I

    Please don’t , mis understand me, but it is vital and good practice for you to venture in to business world and see specifically, in what I am preaching here.

    If you’ve ever heard , let’s say Bob washylyn , speak, he’s magnificent , drawing , calculated, and factually correct.

    For this movement to breach surface and be recognized, you will have to bring into the life’s blood of the party, a host of astonishing, individuals that , presents and words ratify, solid foundations, with calculations, similar to usual standards, yet minor change , positively.

    People resist , large change and those old schools will , count , everyone of them, new schools will to.

    Just don’t change to much to quick, it will fail in the political world.

    Just some advice.

    Matt Beatty

    So, coffee over , have to roll.

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