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    ---------------------FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE---------------------


    The Independence Party of Alberta Rejects The Draconian Lockdown of the People and Businesses of Alberta


    December 9, 2020 – Calgary, Alberta


    Albertans have suffered irreparable harm by the inability of the UCP government, under the direction of Jason Kenney, to act swiftly and decisively when originally faced with the Covid-19 crisis. The two-faced approach of this government; talking about preserving freedoms in one breath and little by little taking them away in another, has caused confusion and more divisiveness in our province than had they actually just chose a course of action.


    TIP President David Campbell stated: “The emotional and economic toll that federal and provincial governments have levelled upon Albertans will become tragically clear very shortly. Bankruptcies, joblessness, and suicides, already at historic levels will, undoubtably, continue to skyrocket. Although Albertans are resilient and hardy people, the future of our children and grandchildren is being destroyed because governments of all stripe and level continue to pile on ideologically unnecessary and unwarranted lockdowns. Moreover, the billions in debt being accumulated by these globalists is completely unsustainable.”


    We call on Mr. Kenney and his sycophants to reverse these oligarchic measures and protect our vulnerable seniors and citizens in our assisted living facilities, repeal the draconian legislation inside of Bill 10, and stop pandering for votes by trying to play both sides of the fence.  The only real danger for Albertans is to stay in lockdown!



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