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    Frank Kast

    I was raised on a mixed farm at Grassy Lake, in sunshine and irrigation. I graduated high school in 1974 after making an agreement with the principal. My first job started in April of 1974, installing water & sewer in a subdivision in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Since then, I have been self-employed, worked for farmers, worked for Alberta Provincial Grazing Reserves, and last, the Municipal District of Taber.


    During my employment with the M.D. of Taber, I was Grassy Lake Hamlet Foreman, then I advanced to Lead Operator at Highway 3 Regional Water Treatment. My non-work experiences included being on the Recreation Board, President of the Ag Society (Taber Exhibition Association) and 15 years as Fire Chief of the Grassy Lake Volunteer Fire Department.


    I had been a Conservative member for years, until I got disheartened by the unaccountable ‘Good Ol’ Boys Club’ looking after each other. I joined The Independence Party and then became President of the Taber/Warner C.A. I applied for a position on the Provincial Board and was elected to the Board at the 2023 AGM. I resigned from the Board and C.A to run as a TIP candidate in the provincial election.


    I believe the voting population is slowly becoming aware of the lost opportunities of being Albertan. As Albertans continue to acknowledge the vast disparities between Ottawa and Alberta, I feel my best contribution to Alberta is as a board member of The Independence Party of Alberta.

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    This is such a joke

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    Release our Political Prisoners

    Please sign the petition to release our political prisoners as soon as possible and share with others!

    1,068 signatures

    Petition to the Alberta Government


    Kaycee Madu admitted "It was never about science but about political control and power. Thanks to freedom convoys who had the courage to mobilize against these tyrannical policies."

    At least a half dozen truckers from Fort MacLeod, Taber, Lethbridge, Claresholm, and Olds have had charges laid against them because they rallied for their rights in Coutts, Alberta.

    These men are political punching bags who stood up against mandate madness.

    The charges against them are malicious prosecution in kangaroo courts pandering to political bullies.   

    Therefore we residents of Canada call for the charges against the truckers to be dropped and for Tyler Shandro to be removed from the Alberta cabinet.


    We need 5000 signatures!


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