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    we desoerately need to Separate completely; let them tear themselves down, no reason to out here!

    Release our Political Prisoners

    Please sign the petition to release our political prisoners as soon as possible and share with others!

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    Petition to the Alberta Government


    Kaycee Madu admitted "It was never about science but about political control and power. Thanks to freedom convoys who had the courage to mobilize against these tyrannical policies."

    At least a half dozen truckers from Fort MacLeod, Taber, Lethbridge, Claresholm, and Olds have had charges laid against them because they rallied for their rights in Coutts, Alberta.

    These men are political punching bags who stood up against mandate madness.

    The charges against them are malicious prosecution in kangaroo courts pandering to political bullies.   

    Therefore we residents of Canada call for the charges against the truckers to be dropped and for Tyler Shandro to be removed from the Alberta cabinet.


    We need 5000 signatures!


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    ADD Digital Income deposit/withdrawal Cards allotment with enough for good living, equality, not beholding to any of the despots, add to it with earnings, winnings, gifts, bonuses, etc. but have no need for fear or struggling. drop the old politicians for power and greed, get things ready for people to be recognized as humans and not just the few who took it all versus the ones who didn’t get any! use digital centers not ‘banks’, computers around for over 25 yrs now, it’s coming anyway, it’s a new digital world with advanced needs. Coming in anyway! Might as well be you does it, takes the election, gets it handled. New flag to go with it! I think more Provinces should go for Secession and join in. Freedom based without fear, and need.