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    Amend the motion and reinstate Pastor Art as leader. I stand with Pastor Art

  • Press Conference for Political Injustice - January 12, 2023

    In compassion and concern for victims of Alberta’s abusive Justice system, The Independence Party of Alberta will be holding a PRESS CONFERENCE on the steps of the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton at 11 AM, Thursday, January 12, 2023. 

    Given former Minister of Justice and current Deputy Premier Kaycee Madu’s statement that UCP covid mandates caused, “unprecedented violations of the citizens’ privacy and fundamental human rights and freedoms,” and given that Premier Danielle Smith is on record making a commitment that as Premier she would see that all charges are dropped and Pastors are freed, we call upon the Premier, the Deputy Premier and all Alberta MLAs to take action on that commitment. 

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski was imprisoned fifty-one days in an Alberta prison, remains under house arrest, faces ten years in prison in relation to charges of terrorism for his crime of providing a sermon in Coutts Alberta to a peaceful gathering of truckers, farmers - Albertans from all walks of life

    Four Alberta men from the Coutts Freedom Convoy, having no prior criminal record, have been imprisoned for almost an entire year. These Alberta fathers and sons have been denied their lawful fair and due process. With the trial set for June 2023 and no chance of parole - as murderers and rapists are released on bail!

    Alberta Political Prisoners

    In our opinion, Chris Carbert, Anthony Olienick, Jerry Morin, and Chris Lysak were used by governments to shut down the peaceful assemblies of the people of Alberta and Canada. The rights, freedoms and dignity of these men and their families must be immediately restored. 

    Provincial Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta - UCP and NDP MLAs - will be invited to speak with the victims of Alberta’s failed Justice system. 

    We ask all Albertans to JOIN US on this day, to stand with us in solidarity, and to hear from the victims of Alberta's failed Justice system.

    God Bless Alberta.

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    Free all political prisoners fighting for freedom.

    Release our Political Prisoners

    Please sign the petition to release our political prisoners as soon as possible and share with others!

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    Petition to the Alberta Government


    Kaycee Madu admitted "It was never about science but about political control and power. Thanks to freedom convoys who had the courage to mobilize against these tyrannical policies."

    At least a half dozen truckers from Fort MacLeod, Taber, Lethbridge, Claresholm, and Olds have had charges laid against them because they rallied for their rights in Coutts, Alberta.

    These men are political punching bags who stood up against mandate madness.

    The charges against them are malicious prosecution in kangaroo courts pandering to political bullies.   

    Therefore we residents of Canada call for the charges against the truckers to be dropped and for Tyler Shandro to be removed from the Alberta cabinet.


    We need 5000 signatures!


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