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  • Christine Anderson came on tour to Canada and visited Calgary on February 18, 2023 at a sold out event where Artur Pawlowski, The Leader of TIP (The Independence Party) spoke at the morning event.  He was very honored to present to Christine Anderson a Solidarity shirt, that represents the Solidarity movement that removed communism from Poland back in the 1980s.  This movement was a peaceful anti-authoritarian social movement in which Canada's Polish community is very proud of this part of history. (This peaceful movement was so effective that in 1983 the Solidarity's leader Lech Wałęsa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize).  Later that evening at the Petroleum Centre, Leader Artur Pawlowski presented Ms. Anderson with a “White Cowboy Hat” as a sign of gratitude for her bravery and leadership in speaking up for freedom and democracy, and the dignity of people all around the world.

    Christine Anderson praised the brave truckers, farmers, and all Canadian citizens who stood up for their rights and freedoms during the Freedom Convoy.  She spoke of freedom, civil liberties, and holding all governments around the world accountable for tyrannical overreach like lockdowns, censorship and loss of body autonomy in order to keep a job or see a loved one in a nursing home.  The only individuals or groups she condemned were elected political parties and their representatives who are implementing extreme left policies of a non elected global organization, without the consent of their citizens, at the cost of the economy, individual's jobs, and loss of freedom.  


    Our Leader of The Independence Party, Artur Pawlowski, is definitely the man of the hour! His name should be on everyone's lips across Alberta and Canada because this really is the trial of the decade that will lead to our freedom or continued oppression.  Every church and every pulpit, and every political or non-political organization that advocates for their cause should be paying attention because it’s FREE SPEECH THAT'S ON TRIAL. 

    The continued persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski still hasn’t ended. His two-day trial just finished in Lethbridge, Alberta on Friday. He returns to Lethbridge Courthouse on February 17, 2023, to find out when the verdict will be given by the judge, which could be a month or two.  Talk about dragging things out and wasting more of the taxpayers money - not to mention all the donations Rebel News collects for Artur's defense lawyers.

    This is really a case of "Freedom of Speech" versus "Government Obedience" and we pray the judge will be a voice of reason and free Pastor Artur Pawlowski from persecution, and in turn will set precedence on all free speech in Canada which will then give us a foundation on fighting back on all the “Cancel Culture” that is plaguing our country and province.  



    Rebel news Feb 2 trial

    Ezra Levant from Rebel News reported: “Pastor Artur’s legal team did great. Lawyer Sarah Miller walked the judge through Pastor Artur’s sermon line-by-line. She showed that he never called for a blockade; never even mentioned the highway; and that he repeatedly insisted that their protest be peaceful. The central theme of Pastor Artur’s talk was how the truckers should be inspired by the peaceful Polish Solidarity movement of the 1980s.

    In response, Johnston was bizarre. He said it was inappropriate for Pastor Artur to talk about the Solidarity movement; he said that Artur didn’t know the real history of Poland and that the judge certainly shouldn’t try to understand it.

    And Johnston actually said — I’m not exaggerating — that it was wrong to look at the actual words of Pastor Artur's sermon to understand it. He said that the court should accept the prosecution’s interpretation of it, rather than the plain words themselves.”

    For a full report on Pastor Artur’s Case go to Rebel News to watch Artur’s speech at Coutts or to get more details about the case. 

    Believe it or not, this case even received some main media from Global News that didn’t depict him as a criminal. 
    Miracles do happen!




  • In compassion and concern for victims of Alberta’s abusive Justice system, The Independence Party of Alberta will be holding a PRESS CONFERENCE on the steps of the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton at 11 AM, Thursday, January 12, 2023. 

    Given former Minister of Justice and current Deputy Premier Kaycee Madu’s statement that UCP covid mandates caused, “unprecedented violations of the citizens’ privacy and fundamental human rights and freedoms,” and given that Premier Danielle Smith is on record making a commitment that as Premier she would see that all charges are dropped and Pastors are freed, we call upon the Premier, the Deputy Premier and all Alberta MLAs to take action on that commitment. 

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski was imprisoned fifty-one days in an Alberta prison, remains under house arrest, faces ten years in prison in relation to charges of terrorism for his crime of providing a sermon in Coutts Alberta to a peaceful gathering of truckers, farmers - Albertans from all walks of life

    Four Alberta men from the Coutts Freedom Convoy, having no prior criminal record, have been imprisoned for almost an entire year. These Alberta fathers and sons have been denied their lawful fair and due process. With the trial set for June 2023 and no chance of parole - as murderers and rapists are released on bail!

    Alberta Political Prisoners

    In our opinion, Chris Carbert, Anthony Olienick, Jerry Morin, and Chris Lysak were used by governments to shut down the peaceful assemblies of the people of Alberta and Canada. The rights, freedoms and dignity of these men and their families must be immediately restored. 

    Provincial Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta - UCP and NDP MLAs - will be invited to speak with the victims of Alberta’s failed Justice system. 

    We ask all Albertans to JOIN US on this day, to stand with us in solidarity, and to hear from the victims of Alberta's failed Justice system.

    God Bless Alberta.

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    Free all political prisoners fighting for freedom.

    Release our Political Prisoners

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