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  • commented on Contact Us 2023-03-17 16:00:45 -0600
    Can I become a member as I am not Canadian and I live in United Kingdom

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  • signed Petition 2023-03-03 03:02:15 -0700
    I am Corsican, I live in United Kingdom. They are trying to destroy the gospel but it won’t happen. I admire this pastor and I am far away from Canada but I will support always this pastor and other that spread the world of GOD. I went to a church here I send the video of Pastor Arthur when he asked police to leave the church because pass over, the church here wherre I live bloked me so I will never go to this church again. You can see that pastor Arthur is the true gospel of God but here in this church they all corrupted. Here they don’t care about the world of god they go what the government say. Here they are sheep and coward. Send my love to pastor ARTHUR AND THE PEOPLE OF ALBERTA

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