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  • published Meet Our President in Party Platform 2023-05-23 20:54:12 -0600

    Meet Our President

    About Jim Grant
    President, The Independence Party of Alberta
    Jim Grant has spent over 30 years working in the professional capacity as an engineer for British
    Petroleum managing and assisting to maintain company facilities and assets. He then transitioned into
    instruction and training of company personnel throughout Alberta.
    Jim has dedicated the better part of his life to the service of the community across a wide field of
    endeavors. His political and personal life has always been centered on the pursuit of helping to make
    society and politics a better place for the people of Alberta. He has consistently supported numerous
    charities as well as volunteering in his free time to coach youth across several competitive sports. He is
    also the Master of the local Masonic Hall Okotoks having served the community in this role for many
    Jim began his political career in the 1970’s as a volunteer working on the campaign of the 10 th premier of
    Alberta, Peter Lougheed. After moving to Ontario, he took a leading role in local politics running in
    several municipal elections within the city of Guelph. After years of experience and gaining a deep
    understanding of the problems inherent to mainstream politics he joined The Independence Party of
    A strong advocate for the concept of self-reliance and improvement through hard work Jim believes that
    The Independence Party offers the people of Alberta the best opportunity there is to pursue and achieve
    their innate potential both as individuals and as a people. Jim was soon elected to the board of directors
    and was subsequently elected its president in May of 2023. It is his continuing goal to continue to grow
    the party, its constituencies and their increasing impact on the province and its citizens within a free and
    sovereign Albertan Republic.
    His vision for the party and the people of Alberta is shaped by his dedication to self-improvement
    without compromise: that the majority must never be forced to bend knee to the whims of those who
    tear down the successful instead of building their own selves up. Compassion is an essential component
    of any civilization but reaches its limit when it comes at the expense of the creativity, innovation, health
    and traditions of its people.

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    Release our Political Prisoners

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