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Rene Villeneuve

Rene Villeneuve

I am a 60 year old man that moved to Alberta from Vancouver island in 1998. I have seen the decline of this prosperous province into chaos and tyranny. My fighting spirit is that of a cornered tiger.
The decline of the province of Alberta can be blamed on the centralized inefficiency of provincial government, and interference from the Federal government. The western provinces have been ignored by all political parties. The World economic forum has no business in our country, and our politicians should be on trial for treason for being in association with WEM and big pharma. I believe in the message this party has to offer. An independent Alberta will be a wealthy Alberta, not only financially but in community spirit and cooperation. We cannot continue on the perverse trajectory of our public school systems and universities indoctrinating children to a life of mental illness by encouraging malignant ideas.

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    We are setting up Constituency Associations across the province. These are a vital part of the party structure and we need to set up 87 of them – one in each of Alberta’s 87 ridings. We need members to represent the party locally.

    We have created a simple process to create one in each riding and no prior political experience is required.

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    I am not financially wealthy, however I do posses a dedicated work ethic. I am interested in getting Edmonton motivated to our cause. I have mobility impairment so door to door is not an option for me. I am interested as a candidate to represent the Edmonton area , but financially I am not stable enough to bank roll it as I am still receiving WCB benefits awaiting retraining and job placement. I have battled the failed unions representing the city of Edmonton Employees as well as the city of Edmonton management. I know the ugly face of tyranny, and it does not scare me.

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    I believe there are many more political prisoners that have not even had any press. The rhetoric that has poured out of Ottawa concerning a meme known as Diagolon is insane. The emergencies act was triggered by Diagolon a fake country made up by a comedian Jeremy MacKenzie living in Nova Scotia. The comments that were made by him in perhaps not a completely tasteful fashion concerning a certain leader of the opposition’s family needs reflection. His comments were made while impaired, and were meant as a joke. Wrong speak is in full swing, and we are way past 1984. He is in prison now under false pretenses, and is in fact a political prisoner. We all deserve forgiveness for the words we say under the influence of substances.

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