The Alberta Independence Party (“AIP”) Demands Return of Membership Books  and Related Funds from Certain Individuals and Other Suspects and Re-registration of Newly Registered Members at AIP’s Website


CALGARY, ALBERTA (November 24, 2019) – The Alberta Independence Party utilizes various manual and online methods for everyday Albertans to register the Party which include one-page applications, membership booklets signed out by approved membership of the Party, and online registration at the AIP website .

With respect to membership booklets AIP’s policy is as follows:

  1. All booklets must be signed out as received with the respective booklet receipt numbers
  2. The individual who signs the booklet receipts out is responsible to deliver the completed receipts and associated funds collected to AIP by the end of each month.

AIP is aware of certain individuals who have not followed the policies and hold the respective booklet receipt numbers they signed out who are listed below as follows:

Todd Beasley                           receipt number #1351 to #1400, and #1501 to #4000 (102 booklets)

Joe Hankins                              receipt number #1226 to #1250 (1 booklet)

Corey MacFadden                  receipt number #1251 to #1275 (1 booklet)

Johnny Morton                        receipt number #1151 to #1175 (1 booklet)

By way of this notice, as an individual of the general public who may have completed one of the membership sheets to register for AIP, all the booklet receipt numbers shown below have been voided as of October 29, 2019. For clarity, we do not recognize the membership books or related membership sign ups with these specific receipt numbers. 

You are advised that if you have registered as an AIP and you hold a membership receipt number with one of those matching voided numbers to:

  1. please contact the person they obtained it from and get your money back; AND
  2. to ensure you are formally and properly registered as a member to ensure please go to our website at and complete the respective certified true form for membership; AND
  3. please send us an email to AIP at so that this information can be provided to the authorities for their follow-up to recover the booklets and respective funds.

It has also come to our attention that other certain suspect individuals, namely, Todd Wayne, Jenny Walker, and Mike Keller and possibly others may also have in their possession some or all of the booklets with receipt numbers shown above originally received by Todd Beasley which may have been distributed to them. If you have completed a membership receipt with these people you are also asked to follow the 3 step procedure above.

The Alberta Independence Party is the Voice of Reason for Prosperity and Common Sense for All Albertans and is the 1st only registered provincial political Party in Alberta committed 100% to independence and holding a referendum on separation 120 days after forming government.

For further information on this press release please call: CW Alexander, at (403) 805-0143

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