Announcing The Independence Party AGM 2022

The Annual General Meeting for The Independence Party will be on April 30, 2022 at the Baymont Inn in Red Deer.

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We are hoping to have an many people as possible at the in-person event as this will likely be the last Annual General Meeting prior to the Election since the next provincial election must take place between March 1 and May 30, 2023. Meeting in-person helps to build coherence and energy in any political organization. Covid restrictions have prevented us from doing so over the last two years. We are counting on this year being different.

Please mark this event on your calendar and plan to attend. The cost will only be $20.00. We are hoping to have an entire new slate of people running for the Board so your votes are important to fill these positions. We will also introduce people who are building Constituency Associations across the province and giving everyone a renewed opportunity to get more involved in helping us build, expand and promote our Party as we approach Election 2023.

The AGM will include the Leader’s address, the election of the Board, introduction and debate on member-driven policy (more to come on that), out-reach by Constituency Associations, a vote for or against a Leadership review, an exciting Guest Speaker and more.

Please watch this Members Only space for updates on the AGM in the near future, and other matters, over the coming months. We intend to use this space to get our members engaged in the events and developments within the Party. We will send automatic email blasts letting members know that there is new information here on the website but will post all details on this Members page.

Sharon Maclise, President