Artur Pawlowski's Message to Danielle Smith

Congratulations Danielle Smith,

In your position of Premier of Alberta, we look forward to the clot shots and mandates coming to an end as soon as possible.

The Pastors, truckers, and others who opposed mandates have been unjustly prosecuted. They deserve to have the many charges against them dropped and compensated for their losses.

Twenty million people have died from the clot shots and two billion have been injured globally.

Those politicians, bureaucrats and healthcare practitioners who have imposed this carnage should be held accountable.

The Independence Party stands with our fellow Albertans in our united goal of creating a community that defends the human rights, freedoms and overall well-being of the people of Alberta, while holding individuals who have taken those rights and freedoms away accountable.

Justice delayed is justice denied. God speed for Alberta’s sake.

Artur Pawlowski
Leader, The Independence Party of Alberta

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