Christine Anderson - UK Parliamentarian Proud of Freedom Convoy

Christine Anderson came on tour to Canada and visited Calgary on February 18, 2023 at a sold out event where Artur Pawlowski, The Leader of TIP (The Independence Party) spoke at the morning event.  He was very honored to present to Christine Anderson a Solidarity shirt, that represents the Solidarity movement that removed communism from Poland back in the 1980s.  This movement was a peaceful anti-authoritarian social movement in which Canada's Polish community is very proud of this part of history. (This peaceful movement was so effective that in 1983 the Solidarity's leader Lech Wałęsa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize).  Later that evening at the Petroleum Centre, Leader Artur Pawlowski presented Ms. Anderson with a “White Cowboy Hat” as a sign of gratitude for her bravery and leadership in speaking up for freedom and democracy, and the dignity of people all around the world.

Christine Anderson praised the brave truckers, farmers, and all Canadian citizens who stood up for their rights and freedoms during the Freedom Convoy.  She spoke of freedom, civil liberties, and holding all governments around the world accountable for tyrannical overreach like lockdowns, censorship and loss of body autonomy in order to keep a job or see a loved one in a nursing home.  The only individuals or groups she condemned were elected political parties and their representatives who are implementing extreme left policies of a non elected global organization, without the consent of their citizens, at the cost of the economy, individual's jobs, and loss of freedom.  

TIP Christine Anderson Freedom Convoy Calgary Artur Pawlowski white cowboy hat solidarity

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