On Sat Dec.7 2019,  The Alberta Independence Party has successfully elected their new board of directors with officers in attendance. All officers were asked via email to submit their applications to seek a board of director position. Officers submitted their applications for director roles which were reviewed by the election committee. A democratic vote by ballot was held where those officers who applied casted their submissions. The elected board of directors are as follows:

Dave Campbell - President -

Cory Hetherington- CFO -

Lisa Kuang - Secretary -

CW Alexander - Political Strategy -

Mike van Velzen - Communications -

Sid Helischauer - Membership -

Eli Weisberg - Policy -

Monica Friez - Fundraising -

With 4 Directors at large:

Tessa Szwagierczak, Brian R. Smith,

Rob Smith and Sam Bazarelli. Assisting directors at any time.

Alberta Independence Party is committed in building a sovereign nation powered by Albertans. We’re currently going to start building committees, this is an excellent time to join and help build a new nation. Join us today!

We all look forward to seeing you join our committees! Stay tuned for exciting updates!


Mike van Velzen 

Communications Director



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