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  • commented on Contact Us 2021-01-25 19:38:39 -0700
    Do you have a draft of a constitution, without an idea what this would specifically look like, instead of the mom and apple pie stuff under the “new and improved” section of the new ideas box on the upper left of your web site ? Have you done any research on why States fail ie “Rome” which was a Republic, on why representative democracy’s eventually become oligarchies with career politicians, ie our government school system and health care system which is a defacto oligarchy, or a Supreme Court system with lifetime appointments for politically connected lawyers who always rule on behalf of the more powerful, on why individuals are culpable but not government officials or politicians. Thomas Sowell said “that when decisions are made without consequences, you get bad decisions “. Without some forethought to these things, beginning which the end in mind, will we not just get a Tyrant 150 miles away rather than 1500 miles away?

    I’ve always been interested in our own country but a Canada 2.0 is just failure awaiting if it is not set up properly from the outset, in a “We the People” fashion where the people grant government limits and responsibilities that can be taken away by the people not the other way around. Any government that grants and assigns rights can take them away, we must first have sovereignty as individuals, full stop, then maybe I’m interested.

    Cheers Donald Mueller

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