Fundraising Request

With provincial and federal debts increasing exponentially (Alberta - $1 billion, Canada - $1 trillion); millions of workers waiting in queue for public hand-outs; skyrocketing suicide rates; grotesque levels of insolvencies; and an economic shuttering pandemic, close behind us, we have witnessed, first-hand, how tone deaf and pathetic our government officials have become after years at the public trough.


Now, more than ever, it is time for Alberta to look forward and to pay attention to herself for the sake of our future generations. We have been far too generous to Canada, this generosity has been met with condemnation and derision from every corner of the country.


We, at the Independence Party, are laser focussed on making Alberta, once again, the envy of Canada and the free world, a position, through the steadfast hard work and dogged determination that Albertans have become known for, is rightfully ours.


We realize that hundreds of thousands of Albertans have been detrimentally affected by the events mentioned above, but if you are in a position to contribute, we would appreciate it. We guarantee the funds will be put to good use.


We Are Albertan!

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