Our Mission

The people of Alberta, after being forced into the Canadian confederation without their consent, have attempted since 1905 to gain a fair deal in confederation without success. Therefore, it is necessary that The Independence Party of Alberta be established to end the cycle of injustice.

The Independence Party of Alberta is committed to separating from Canada and creating a sovereign nation, without exception.

Founding Principles

  1. We believe that the government must serve the people of Alberta in both word and deed.
  2. We believe that Alberta must appropriate all federal powers (unilaterally if necessary), leading up to the formation of a new Alberta national government.
  3. We believe in the individual rights and freedoms of all Albertans at no expense of anyone’s individual rights and freedoms.
  4. We believe in the rule of law and that all individuals are equal before the law.
  5. We believe in the rights of individuals to own and defend property.
  6. We believe in a balance between fiscal and social responsibility.
  7. We will establish an Alberta Constitution.
  8. We are committed to accountable government through the right to recall elected representatives and to initiate referenda.
  9. The creation of the Republic of Alberta requires support from the majority of Albertans. Therefore, the party will work towards an image, message and policies that reflect the values of most Albertans, within the bounds of these founding principles.