Press Release November 01, 2019


The Alberta Independence Party (“AIP”) Board Announces Plan for Election of Board Members and Removal of S. Todd Beasley as Interim President

CALGARY, ALBERTA (November 1, 2019)

– The Board of the Alberta Independence Party is pleased to announce it will be holding the election of the Board of Directors by its members on December 3, 2019.

This announcement affirms the Board’s commitment to election consistent with the changes made organizationally in August and in alignment with the bylaws of the Party ensuring a fully open democratic process as a core principle that the AIP was founded on.
Further to this announcement, the Board would also like to provide an important update and organizational change. Effective immediately the AIP Board of Directors has relieved S. Todd Beasley of his duties as interim President, that his membership has been rescinded and will have no further association with the Alberta Independence Party.
The Board of the AIP is committed to a fully open, transparent and democratic process and will not tolerate any matters that are counter to or inconsistent with the highest priority to represent Albertans in its mission towards forming a government committed to Alberta independence.
For further information on this press release or find out further information call: Patrick Reilly, Executive Director at (403) 542-5324
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