May 18, 2022: The Independence Party is poised to step in where Premier Kenney stumbled. The coming decades belong to an Independent Alberta.

Just a week after an invigorating, packed house Annual General Meeting attended by many former UCP supporters The Independence Party is ready to give the voters of Alberta the choice many are looking for ~ an unprecedented chance to vote YES to a Referendum on Independence.

It is now clear that Albertans no longer trust an increasingly dysfunctional provincial political dynasty or an opposition party they cannot relate to on any level. Thousands of Albertans are embracing a chance to choose Alberta freedom    from a federation that punishes and despises them and to reject a never-ending parade of provincial governments that offer them nothing but more of the same.

Upon hearing that Kenney has decided to accept the rejection of almost 50% of his own Party members The Independence Party Leader, Vicky Bayford, remarked: ‘Jason Kenney, as he stepped down from leadership tonight, said “We need to move forward united. We need to put the past behind us.”  He is absolutely right.  We may end up with a new face in the leadership of the UCP, but the mandate will remain the same. It is time to move forward down a new path and stop repeating history. Our next election in 2023 will be history in the making as Albertans unite under the independence banner and vote for accountability, transparency, prosperity and freedom.”

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