Trudeau: kicks Alberta while they're down, again

August 15, 2021, Alberta – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Justin Trudeau has called an election while Alberta is still struggling to get its head above water. This morning’s announcement shows the true nature of the anti-Albertan political machine in Ottawa. Trudeau is putting political gains and the consolidation of his own power ahead of the desperate need of Albertan workers and all of those who have had their lives decimated these past months.

The conservative opposition under the thumb of Erin O’toole has rolled out the red carpet for Justin Trudeau’s election victory this year. O’toole and his band of spineless yes men have not lifted a finger to oppose Trudeau’s disastrous policies and have instead done their best to take the wind out of the sails of pro-west politics. In fact, the so-called conservative party of Canada has joined Trudeau in the war against Alberta industry. With a notable example being O’toole’s dishonest carbon tax and his promise to keep in line with the net-zero emissions target following the United Nations’ Paris agreement. This is in line with the federal government’s pattern, which has been going strong since 1905, of slaughtering the western provinces to feed Ottawa’s special interest groups.

There is no realistic federal ballot choice to defend the Western provinces from Ottawa’s colonialism.  We have watched time and time again the exploitation of the hopes and dreams of Albertans by lying con-men who pretend there is a way to get a fair deal for Alberta in Canada. Each and every time history has sadly disappointed them and will continue to do so. The only thing left to do is refuse to play the game.  Come 2023 be ready to vote for independence; the only real answer to the Western dilemma. We hope that this election you will do something more constructive than voting federally, such as having a barbeque with friends and family.





David Campbell, President, The Independence Party

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 403-863-2611