We send our sincere condolences to all families and friends who have been affected by the recent UIA flight - 752 disaster. 176 people tragically lost their lives, Sixty-three of which were Canadians, thirty being from our province alone. Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time of sorrow from all of us at the Alberta Independence Party.

Colonies Ripen

A hundred and fifty years ago the many peoples of Ruperts Land were sold to Canada along with the land, resources, and their growing industry. When Canada met resistance Canadians used pointy rifles and short ropes for long falls until people fell in line, or just fell. There was no vote, there were lies and broken promises. The West and North was never meant to be anything more than a colony of Canada. Western Provinces and the NWMP were created to separate and control. Today Western Canada is still a colony. The West struggles under different rules and different representation than Canada the province (Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec). As a colony the West has to pay more and get less in return. Less support for our people, industry, cultures, hopes and dreams. In Confederation the West will always be poorer, will never be allowed to develop because Canada knows that Ruperts Land with it's many resources, including historical ocean ports on Hudson Bay, would be a rival to Canada economically and politically. I believe we can have a new and better relationship with Canada but to be treated as an adult in that relationship we must first leave home and take on adult responsibilities. The Alberta Independence Party has a key role to play in making a better future, a better relationship with Canada. I would encourage all Canadians to help and support this new future and the AIP.

Canada Abandoned You! What Now?

As Albertans we have persevered. We have worked hard. We have done our best, and we even have supported Eastern Canada with the wealth of our neighbours, as a good neighbour. Let’s face it, you didn’t abandon Canada. Canada abandoned you. All the regions of Canada have spoken and it’s clear that we are different. We have different aspirations. We, as Albertans, don’t have to agree and nor do they. We just have to set our own path… Continue reading

Press Release October 23, 2019

The Alberta Independence Party (“AIP”) Responds to the Canadian Federal Election Results and Charts Its Path to Independence  CALGARY, ALBERTA (October 23, 2019) – The Alberta Independence Party would like to congratulate and acknowledge the Alberta blue wave rejection of the federal government and its policies over the last 4 years, and looks forward to supporting and encouraging both the Alberta Government and Alberta MPP’s to fight for the economic and social wellbeing of all Albertans. Continue reading