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  • published Event Calendar in News 2021-04-28 17:16:31 -0600

    Event Calendar

    Saturday, October 08, 2022 at 06:00 PM
    TBD in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

    Strathcona-Sherwood Park CA Founding Meeting

    Join The Independence Party for the  Strathcona-Sherwood Park CA founding meeting on October 8, 2022 at 7pm for the nomination and CA Board election.  There will also be special guest speakers.  All members* that reside in that constituency can vote on the board positions.  Please RSVP.


    *must be a member 21 days prior to the election to run for a board position or vote at the AGM


    Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 07:00 PM · 2 RSVPs
    Residence in Westerose, AB, Canada

    Maskwacis-Westaskiwin Info Session

    Find out about what a constituency association is and how your participation in your local CA with The Independence Party will put you closer to our common goal of independence, freedom and prosperity.

    Vicky Bayford, Membership and Interim CA Director will be coming to your area to explain what a constituency association is, the positions / commitment required, and how you getting involved can put your voice back in the Alberta Legislature.

    Please RSVP.   

    When: October 13, 2022, 7pm

    Where: 164, 462014 RR 10,  Westerose AB

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  • published The Fox is in the Henhouse, Get the Gun in News 2021-04-20 20:16:27 -0600

    ---------------------FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE---------------------

    Albertans, get ready to be flogged, the Liberals have doubled down on their socialist and globalist build back better mantra with the introduction of budget 2021.

    As the leftist horde comes looking for the hundreds of billions it will cost to implement economic stimulus packages for the likes of SNC Lavalin and Bombardier, a national pharma-care program to satisfy Jagmeet, and their personal wet dream – universal basic income, where will their scandalous beady eyes settle, of course, the already half-cooked golden goose….Alberta.

    President, David Campbell stated “The Independence Party will be here to greet the Liberals with a load of buckshot if they try to lay one hand on Alberta taxpayer dollars, or if they try to trample our constitutionally given powers. We are the only Party that people can rely on to protect Albertans and our way of life.”

    We call on all Albertans to do what is best for our future generations #DiscoverYourIndependence.




    Independence Party of Alberta

    [email protected]


    David Campbell



    [email protected]

  • published Board of Director Profiles 2022-04-18 19:57:45 -0600

    Board of Director Profiles

    Meet your Board of Directors 2022

    Leader: Artur Pawlowski

    A long-time promoter and defender of civil liberties and a well-known advocate of Canada’s poor and homeless, Artur (“Art”) Pawlowski was elected September 10, 2022 as the Leader of The Independence Party. Born in Poland in 1973, Art grew up under a Communist regime seeing soldiers with machine guns and tanks on the streets as people rose up in 1981 to fight for their freedoms, a movement that ended Communist oppression. Over the next several years, Artur worked as an entrepreneur across Europe, including as a general construction contractor, before immigrating to Canada in 1995 where he started a construction business. Two events in Art’s life led him to profound changes. In 1997, he married Marzena who transformed his life, chiefly by leading him to Christian faith.

    In 2000, Art and Marzena’s infant son, Nathaniel, who was born with life-threatening congenital problems, healed after intensive prayer despite the doubts of medical professionals. As a result of these incidents, with the support of Marzena, Art began reaching out to Calgary’s homeless with food, as a street preacher with a message of love and as an advocate offering practical help to the homeless in negotiating the web of Calgary and Alberta social services. This led to the creation of “Street Church Ministries” and Art’s leadership of the “March for Jesus” – both vehicles for a message of love and practical help for overlooked and downtrodden Calgarians. Over twenty years, Art Pawlowski became known as one of the chief defenders of free speech, free association, and the rights of the homeless in Calgary’s public spaces. Art pursued this despite a campaign of harassment and unfounded arrests by the Calgary Police Service and the City, and by the Canadian and Alberta Human Rights Commissions.

    From his own financial resources and with the support of likeminded people, Art repeatedly and successfully defended himself against bogus charges that ran counter to Canada’s constitutional tradition of ordered liberty. In 2020 and 2021, when the premier, public health authorities and police services began violating the protections for conducting religious services and assemblies in Section 176 of the Criminal Code of Canada, Art Pawlowski stood up and said, “No!” Sadly, before and after the so-called waiver of these protections issued by the Attorney General of Canada, Art endured arrests and highly visible takedowns by the Calgary Police Service, staged to publicly embarrass him. Instead, Art Pawlowski was made a hero for all right-thinking Albertans and Canadians who believe in standing up for ordered liberty and freedom. Artur Pawlowski currently lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada with his wife Marzena and their three children; Nathaniel, Gabriel, Maya- Grace. He continues his work on the streets with Street Church Ministries and also Pastors Church called "The Cave of Adullam" in Calgary.

    President: Dan Duggan

    My name is Dan Duggan living in Three Hills, Alberta with my wife Dana and son Zachary. As a board member in the Independence Party of Alberta, my passion is to unite people towards a common goal and vision for a better Alberta. As one who has worked as a Landman in the oil and gas industry, I have become well acquainted with the unique culture that Albertans both urban and rural have come to enjoy. My goal as a director of the Independence Party of Alberta, is not to change that culture, but to protect it for the many future Albertans to come, as well as the many current Albertans who have worked so hard to develop it.

    As a strong supporter of democracy, my core belief for both this party and our province was spoken 160 years ago by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address.

    That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

    I want to see a strong, free and prosperous Alberta. If it can not be protected and sustained within it’s current national inclusion within Canada, then it must be protected within a framework that will. I did not join this board for ego, power or notoriety. I came to this board to serve this province and to stand for the rights and freedoms of all Albertans now and in the future.

    Treasurer: Brandy Beveridge

    I grew up a small-town girl on our great Alberta prairies.  I was raised by proud, hard-working Albertan parents, in a world of natural health maintenance and wellness.   I kept active and athletic, and maintained good grades.  I started young working in clerical and retail jobs, as well as instructing for local and regional performing arts associations.

    Life has carried me through an earned degree at our University of Alberta, and pursuit of a career in accounting.  I embraced motherhood, a move across the world and a return to my Albertan roots.  Career and life changes later prompted a move to Calgary where I currently reside.

    While my background is primarily in accounting and banking, other work and volunteer positions have awarded me a wide range of valuable experiences.  I have worked in municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.  I’ve worked in tax calculation and collection, and in budgeting, variance analysis and forecasting.  I’ve been exposed to the workings of small, medium and large corporations, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and trusts.  I’ve participated in board room activity through my previous role as Manager of Finance with a large Alberta Credit Union and serving as executive and member of various boards including a Regional Health Authority in central Alberta, and a number of years with my homegrown grassroots Allied Arts Council.

    In recent years I have shifted my career focus away from computer screens and numbers and into coaching, leadership and instruction in physical outdoor activities.  I’ve made lifestyle choices to allow me to spend my days active and outdoors, powered through a later-in-life college diploma to broaden my scope through travel and tourism, and worked myself through the grunt phase of employment as a letter carrier, all to build a life with daily sunshine and benefits. 

    Lately, though, I’ve concentrated efforts in fighting for freedom and alerting all those around me to the atrocities occurring in Canada’s House of Commons!  Much of the past 2.5 years I’ve spent, like many, largely in isolation, fearing for our country’s future.   I’ve been affected by ALL mandates and restrictions, and have seen many friends and loved ones also lose jobs and liberties.  Fears and upset over our current political climate, along with my cheerleader values and tendency to root for the underdog and make all feel valued, led me to involvement with The Independence Party.  Our future as Albertan’s could be so much brighter, and I stand behind our Party as:  the only option to valuing and upholding the rights and freedoms of our Alberta citizens; and the only option to free Albertans from the detrimental overreach we are under in today’s federal landscape.

    Thank you for your support and contribution to the future of all Albertans!

    Secretary: Monica Friesz

    I started life after high school when the other Trudeau was in the PMO. My apprenticeship was ended because of Trudeau policies back then and my life along with other Albertans, has once again being altered because of draconian policies to destroy Alberta’s economy. I went back to work on the farm and after working through a few winters, I had a brief career in the ski & recreation industry. From there I went to work framing condos then started in the oil patch and eventually became a Testing Geologist for 20 years, the feast or famine cycles became tiresome so I partnered to invest in a butcher shop in Carstairs AB in between. As usual the government moved the goalposts for game & domestic hence, we shut down. I then decided to put my carpentry skills to the test in 2011 and became a self-employed contractor and have been at it ever since.

    I have been a separatist since Jean Chretien was in the PMO. My search for a separatist party that held the same values as myself ended when I discovered the Independence Party. I ran for MLA in the 2019 provincial election because I came to the realization that complaining about how this country is governed wouldn’t change a thing. I decided to continue the fight for independence by becoming a board member with the Independence Party of Alberta by helping to develop new self governance policies and working with Committees for the newly created Party Program. I have held 3 portfolios since May of 2019; Membership Director, Fundraising Director and Secretary. Since the Secretary position was not contested by anyone else, I will be the Secretary until next year.

    Policy Director: Vacant



    Communication Director: Luc Lalonde

    Being in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, I learned a thing or two about customer service.  I worked in all aspects of the restaurant business from serving tables to General Manager.  I love the hospitality industry.

    In 2012, I tied the knot in a destination wedding in the Philippines to my lovely wife, Charmaine.  We started working together in our new life and now have a beautiful family of 5.  We love living in Calgary and the Spirit in Alberta.  We attend Springs Church every Sunday and love taking the kids out.  Our 3 boys, Michael, Aidan and Jakob are the joys of our lives and so began the search for a Legacy.

    A few years after the hospitality industry, I was introduced to sales and started part time while developing my first business.  It ignited the Entrepreneur inside that had been dormant.  Mistakes were made and a few businesses failed.  I struggled for many years trying to learn all there is to learn about business and to this day I am still learning. 

    After all the experiences both personal and professional, I started Previews Network....a marketing company. It has been in development for over 2 years but we are finally launched.  This business offers personal and professional development for anyone wanting to start a business but don't know how to or need better tools to scale.

    For the last 2 years, I have watched the people of Alberta, families and businesses, struggle from the lockdowns and mandates.  This made me start questioning our political leaders and wanted to get involved in making a difference.  The Independence Party is were I found the answer.  The answer to Independence, to Referendum, to Debate, and to take back the Freedoms that have been taken from us.

    It is time to make a stand for the future of our children and so here I, Luc Lalonde, pledge to serve the people of Alberta to the best of my ability.  God Bless Alberta.

    Strategy Director: Bob Blayone

    Mr. Bob Blayone is a husband of thirty years to his wife Dana, a father of two, brother, uncle and friend to many. He is a proud Albertan of diverse ancestry, a proud Metis with ancestral roots that run deep. His Great Grandfather was Chief Black Powder who was a strong leader of his time and a man who understood all too well the loss of freedom. 
    Coming from humble beginnings, taught the value of hard work and determination, that he was responsible for his own destiny - through hard work, determination and being blessed with opportunity - Mr. Blayone lifted himself up and found prosperity. In peace and comfort he was able to enjoy his life relatively free. However, he realized that for far too long while Albertans have been raising families and living their lives; self-serving politicians and unelected bureaucrats have taken advantage of the people whom they are meant to serve. As self-serving elites rule over the people with heavy hands - shackling our children with debt and shutting down opportunities - a fire burns within Mr. Blayone. He longs to see those stolen opportunities and freedoms returned to all the people of Alberta, so that future generations to come may also enjoy their right to freedom and prosperity. Mr. Blayone wishes to see Albertans standing in unity creating a political grassroots movement of the people - without self-serving politicians at their table - and being confident in knowing that together they have the power to affect change, to flip over the table, to take back their freedom and prosperity through becoming an Independent and Sovereign Nation of Alberta. While at the same time reinstalling democratic mechanisms for Albertans to always hold their elected representatives accountable; without mercy. 

    Fundraising Director: Sharon Noullett


    Constituency Association Director: Vacant


    Director at Large: Ty Northcott


    Director at Large: Michael Bennison

    For over 40 years I have promoted and tried to advance the cause for Alberta independence, as a founding director for two independence parties, and president of a third. Being self employed for almost 50 years running my companies, I know the hardship the gov'ts. have imposed to hamper my progress. My simple intention is to get Albertans on the quickest, and easiest path to independence. I may not know everything that has to be done, but I do know when things are not right, and I do know what defiantly doesn't work. We have always known that this situation with central Canada is always going to go on, always has, and always will. I will do whatever I can to inform Albertans what they can do to further the cause of independence. As an Albertan, we all have to ask ourselves. What can I do today to further the cause toward independence? Be it, not buying products that are made in central, or eastern Canada, or helping the Independents party in their cause. I know my writings in time will someday be long forgotten , but the goal for a bigger, better, brighter future for Alberta will go on. Hour by hour, day by day, we will all come to a common understanding of the situation we find ourselves in, in this so-called confederation, and come to the only conclusion, that independence is the one, and only solution. Don't be concerned about what Ottawa is doing to us, we know they will always do their worst toward us. Our goal is to move with every means possible the ship of independence and freedom forward . I don't know when this will happen, but it won't be too soon, but I do know the need has never been greater. I urge all Albertans to read our party informational news items, and pass them onto where they may do some good. Your comments, and thoughts will be welcomed. FREEDOM AT All COST !

    Membership Director: Vicky Bayford

    I am the first elected leader of The Independence Party.  I was born in Fort McMurray but I was raised in Calgary.  I raised two great boys and was very involved in many volunteer activities throughout the years, including being a board member for Bow Ridge Little League until 2009. 

    I love my heritage and I love the province of Alberta.  This province awarded me with the privilege of creating a 20+ year career in regulatory and operations administration in the oil & gas industry.  I still currently work in the industry as a consultant. I am very proud of this industry that I chose to make my mark in.

    I got involved with The Independence Party in July of 2020 and started my first board position with the party in September of 2020 as the CFO and shortly after also took over the Communications Director portfolio which I managed until my leadership race began in July of 2021. It has been such an honor to meet and work with so many talented and diverse people over the past 18 months. 

    My push to get involved in politics came from the devastation of the federal policies coming down from Eastern Canada.  I could no longer play a passive role and quickly realized the only real solution was to get out of confederation. The Independence Party is the only party that offered a referendum on independence and a grassroots option where the members have the power to influence the new policies for a free and prosperous Alberta. I decided I was going to be the change I wanted to see in the government.

    Director at Large: Donna Ostopowich

    Director at Large: Peter Lundgard

    Director at Large: Vacant

    Director at Large: Vacant

    Director at Large: Vacant

    Director at Large: Vacant





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  • ---------------------FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE---------------------



    February 26, 2021 – Calgary, Alberta


    The UCP’s 2021 budget for Alberta is pandering to the socialist agenda. They have essentially told Alberta that we will be stuck in “pandemic” mode for quite some time.  There are no new ideas for keeping our seniors and vulnerable population safe and no plan to save the EXISTING small businesses that are being destroyed with their weak policies.  At the end of the day, Kenney’s UCP government will only cater to their federalist counterparts’ wishes.  They are not here for Alberta.

    This budget guarantees the destruction of Alberta as indiscriminate spending continues in perpetuity. The health care budget does not address any real solutions to protecting the care homes and their job creation plan does not consider the people who have been financially destroyed by this pandemic.  What about anyone who is over 50 who has lost their job?  What about our Alberta small/medium business that are shutting their doors? There is no significant plan in the budget to protect people who have been the foundation of Alberta’s growth.

    It is time to call on this government to end these lockdowns and come up with a real plan that protects our vulnerable and gets hardworking Albertans back to business!





    Vicky Bayford, Director of Communications, The Independence Party of Alberta

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 403-836-2119



  • published What currency will we use? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:33:22 -0700

    What currency will we use?

    We will be creating our own currency, the Alberta Prosperity Certificate, which will be issued in dollar denominations. We believe that Albertans need to have domestic control over their currency so it can better reflect the needs of the public rather than international interests.

  • published Will we still have public health care? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:32:34 -0700

    Will we still have public health care?

    The best health care systems employ a blend of public and private care. We will take the best of both to ensure that all Albertans have access to the best care at the best cost.

  • Canada cannot get fair trade deals. Alberta is so small, how can we do better?

    Alberta will have the 129 largest population in the world. There are 106 nations with less people. Alberta would be the 40th largest country, regarding land mass, in the world - about three times larger than the United Kingdom, over twice as large as Japan and Germany. And, Alberta is home to the 3rd largest oil reserves on the planet. Countries will be lining up to do business with a free enterprise Alberta.

  • We are landlocked. How do you propose getting our natural resources to tidewater?

    We already have access to tidewater through the US and through the Trans Mountain pipeline. We will negotiate a fair deal, nation to nation, with Canada that is mutually beneficial to both nations. If by chance Canada wants to play hard ball, we will excerpt our rights to our railways, highways and airways. Landlocked Canada from the province of British Columbia will be much more detrimental to Canada than Alberta.

    As time goes on we expect other prairie provinces to secede which will provide access to Churchill and Alaska or northern British Columbia.


    Additionally, if the A2A rail line proceeds it will also provide access to a deep water port in Alaska.

  • published How do we protect our borders? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:30:54 -0700

    How do we protect our borders?

    Once we form government we will begin to buy equipment through our police force which will enable us to protect our borders as soon as the people of Alberta vote for secession. We take border security very seriously, and will create a new border enforcement and immigration agency to ensure that the rule of law is maintained.

  • published How can we afford to secede? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:30:30 -0700

    How can we afford to secede?

    Alberta, as a separate nation, will be ranked as one of the top ten in the world with regards to per capita GDP. Canada, which sits 17th, will tumble out of the top 20. Canada needs Alberta much more than we need Canada. Each year, Ottawa’s financial mismanagement is causing our province and the country to devolve into a third world nation. We can’t afford not to separate! The Party has a plan to pay off the national debt quickly, boost the post-independence economy, and leverage new and time-honoured industries. Separation is a golden opportunity for Albertans.

  • published Will you fire the RCMP? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:29:57 -0700

    Will you fire the RCMP?

    As a Canadian organization, the RCMP will have to be replaced by a new national police force anyway. During the transition period, we will replace the RCMP with the Alberta Sheriffs Branch on a temporary basis. After separation, we will establish a new national police force which will be the sole police force in Alberta. The officers in the new service will not be moved around, and will be expected to integrate into the community they are stationed in to improve public accountability.

  • published Will we have a referendum on concealed carry? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:29:35 -0700

    Will we have a referendum on concealed carry?

    We believe that Albertans should never be afraid to defend themselves and their property. In rural communities, due to the unacceptable levels of rural crime, concealed and/or open carry is becoming more and more necessary to provide a deterrent against criminals. In solidarity with rural Albertans, our Party would support a referendum on the legalisation of open and concealed carry.

  • Why haven’t separatist parties banded together?

    At present, there is only one truly separtist party in Alberta. Other political entities espouse equality or independence, which is far different than separation. TIP will always give Alberta voters a full separtist option at the ballot box. We are always open for like-minded parties and groups to buy a membership and help us propel Alberta into nationhood.

  • published Will we still get our pensions? in FAQ 2021-02-12 17:28:44 -0700

    Will we still get our pensions?

    Yes you will! If you have already begun to withdraw from the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), you can continue to do so in the future. If you have not begun to withdraw your pension, you will be rolled over to the Alberta Pension Plan (APP). The APP will be designed to grow the funds of beneficiaries in a sustainable way and will be managed by a third party agency so that risky partisan policies do not get in the way of Albertans’ retirements.

  • Albertans deserve better!  Well here it is! The Independence Party of Alberta has released its party program to the public. After many long hours of volunteered time by our committee members who researched and reached out to Albertans to get feedback; we are pleased to announce the Board of Directors have approved the new program. “This plan is very unique and we look forward to hearing from the Alberta public,” stated Vicky Bayford, CFO & Director of Communications for the party. You can view the document here.

    There will be an online town hall hosted via Facebook live on January 28, 2021 at 7pm. This is open to anyone who wishes to ask questions or comment on the new party program.





    Independence Party of Alberta

    [email protected]


    Vicky Bayford

    CFO & Director of Communications


    [email protected]


  • published Party Program in New Ideas 2021-01-22 09:44:28 -0700

    The Independence Party of Alberta Party Program

    Created by Albertans, for Albertans!

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    Buy Your Independence Party Merchandise Here!

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  • published Open Letter to Jason Kenney December 2020 in News 2020-12-18 10:26:59 -0700

    Dear Mr. Kenney,

    The Independence Party of Alberta would like remind you of your duty to Albertans.  You have fallen short of your "promise made, promise kept".  While we can see you have been busy trying to "save us" from a virus that most of us will survive, you have been negligent in protecting us from the federal government's plan to destroy our province. From fiscal unfairness in transfer payments and the increase in the carbon tax to Bills like C69 and C48, you have accomplished NOTHING.  Your fair deal panel came back with a report and you still have not acted on it.  You whine and complain to this corrupt federal government body and you write letters full of hot air!  Where is the action?!  When do Albertans get treated fairly?!  When do you start doing your job?!  It is time for a referendum for separation!

    We implore you Mr. Kenney to do the right thing!  Call a referendum for separation NOW!  We will never get a fair deal and talking about it is not CHANGING anything.  Things are turning dire sir!  Action needs to happen now! If you truly care for Alberta, then do something!

    When the next election comes and we are still part of this stacked system, The Independence Party will be ready to take Albertans where THEY want to go!  A government will be built by Albertans for Albertans.  We will get out of this tyrannical cesspool and you can leave to be with your globalist cronies. You will be remembered, don't worry.  Probably just not as you think of yourself.

    You still have the ability to do the right thing for Alberta!  Will you do it?




    The Independence Party 

    #DiscoverYourIndependence #FreeAlberta #AlbertaSeparation