WEF in Alberta

The World Economic Forum’s agenda - The Great Reset - was launched many years ago. WEF’s agenda was brought to Canada by politicians you never would have suspected. All the following information is public. Links can be found below. 

To begin with, “The Great Reset has been described as a ‘massively funded, desperately ambitious, internationally coordinated project led by some of the biggest multinational corporations and financial players on the planet and carried out by cooperating state bodies and NGOs.’ It proposes a radical and total transformation of the global economy and its production, distribution and governance systems; but goes further, seeking to ‘reset’ every sector from health to education, agriculture to nature conservation; in sum, nearly every aspect of life on the planet.”

From the World Government Summit: Digital, globally centralized, programable, blockchain ID.  “We are on the brink of a dramatic change where we are about to, and I’ll say this boldly, we’re about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce a new one. The new accounting is what we call blockchain.  It means digital.  It means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy…”  Dr. Pipa Malmgren; American economist and former advisor to President George W Bush.  In the WEF’s dystopian agenda, the New Global Context/The Great Reset will give to the government the ability to watch and control a citizen’s ability to participate in society. 

“As part of the WEF’s ‘Global Redesign Initiative,’ organized along with the United Nations in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, and described as “the most comprehensive proposal for re-designing global governance since the formulation of the U.N.”


The World Economic Forum's Agenda brought to Canada, “Thank you Professor Schwab for that kind introduction. I also want to thank you particularly for the invitation to speak here that you extended to me earlier this year…Professor, you have made the World Economic Forum an indispensable part of the global conversation among leaders in politics, business, and civil society…” 

- Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada. 

In 2015, Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent to the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos; 40 politicians, government bureaucrats, big corp and Cabinet Ministers like John Baird, the current co-chair of long time (2008) CPC MP Pierre Poilievre’s campaign committee. Harper signed Canada onto the Paris Climate Accord and was the first Canadian Prime Minister to proclaim that Alberta will phase out its oilsands. The tracks for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) coming to Canada were laid by the Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephan Harper. 

At the January 2015 WEF globalist meeting in Davos, Switzerland, the following Canadian Ministers were sent by Stephen Harper:

- Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade

- John Baird, Foreign Affairs Minister 

- Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development

- Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance

- James Moore, Minister of Industry

The Canadian Conservative Party of Canada Ministers were not there simply to observe; The Canadian Ministers held “bilateral meetings with key international counterparts, as well as with business and civil society leaders…The ministers will also lead several sessions related to this year’s WEF’s theme: The New Global Context.”  

What was the New Global Context? In WEF’s definition it is “a world in search of a new order.” Sustainable Development Goals, social credit scores and digital IDs - control over humanity - being at the heart of the restructuring of Western Democracies around the globe. Restructuring free Nations to be under the control - the rule - of the global elites. The Great Reset, The New World Order, whatever their latest title given by the elites it is all the same; a horrifying and brilliantly laid trap that was slowly sprung upon the people of Alberta and Canada. 

“In 1815, shaping a new world order was the business of a handful of statesmen. Since then, the number of actors, connections and challenges has grown exponentially. In 2015, diplomacy operates in shifting and complex multistakeholder constellations, not bilateral transactions. In this regard, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting provides an unparalleled platform to develop the insights, ideas and partnerships that are needed to rebalance and rebuild the pillars of modernity.”

Reminder; Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister to sign Canada onto the Paris Climate Accord, and was also the first Canadian Prime Minister to proclaim that Canada (Alberta) will phase out its oilsands energy resource. All goals of the World Economic Forum’s agenda. 

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper committed fossil-fuel rich Canada Monday to ending all production and use of carbon-based energy by the end of the 21st century.” 

That deadline has been pushed up fifty years. As you can see, Harper played a key role in ushering in the WEF’s global agenda to Canada.  Surely the Provincial Governments would defy this betrayal? Not so. The World Economic Forum was brought to Alberta by politicians you’d also least expect; Jason Kenney and The United Conservative Party of Alberta; as a whole. I learned of Wellington Advocacy in MLA Todd Loewen’s office. In my opinion, Wellington’s lobbying activity is widely known in Alberta politics. For whatever reason, MLAs dare not speak of it. 

World Economic Forum’s agenda brought to Alberta; Nat Ware, FORTE CEO lobbying the Alberta Government: “To discuss how solutions offered by Forte can support the Government of Alberta's goals for job creation and training in Alberta's Recovery Plan…” 

Who and what is FORTE?  “Saint Lucia will be piloting the Financing of Return to Employment (FORTE) programme – a data-driven programme that works by retraining individuals…long-term development financing to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals…As part of its ongoing partnership with the World Economic Forum under the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership”

FORTE is “in discussions with fifteen governments around the world about using this as part of the coronavirus recovery efforts. We’re in the final stages…they’re actually moving very quickly…climate change…in Canada…re-skill and train people for the green jobs…for (replacing) unsustainable industries like coal mining, beef farming and logging.” “How do we reskill oil and gas workers and people in unsustainable industries?”  - Nat Ware, CEO FORTE

Who is Wellington Advocacy? Wellington’s staff and Board of Directors are all inner circle political operatives of Harper, Kenny and Doug Ford. Here are two examples; CEO Nick Koolsbergen - a longtime top strategist of Harper and Kenney. Ray Novak Board of Director, longtime Harper strategist and “co-founder and Managing Director of Harper & Associates – a global consulting firm led by Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper. From 2006-2015 Ray held a number of senior positions in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, including Principal Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister. Ray serves on the board of the International Democrat Union, a global not-for-profit organization of more than 80 political parties.” 

Nat Ware has been in the Alberta Legislature several times himself, Wellington Advocacy has been lobbying the Alberta Government extensively on FORTE’s behalf. FORTE had also been actively lobbying the Canadian Trudeau government.  

There you have it. It’s an overwhelming realization to know that the World Economic Forum’s global elites have not only been influencing Alberta and Canadian conservative political leaders, our elected representatives were actively participating in planning and enacting the agenda. While I’ve no respect or trust in Trudeau and the Liberal party (as well as Jagmeet Singh and the NDP), in knowing this disturbing information I’d suggest all mainstream political parties are compromised. 

Trudeau, Harper, Kenney as well as all UCP MLAs have all been working counterproductive to the prosperity and sovereignty of Albertans. Answers must be demanded to these disturbing developments. There are many questions to be answered. Is the influence of elected representatives rooted in money and power? Are there darker forces at work here? While we cannot say for certain in that, there is certainty in knowing that the influence - the betrayal - is real. This heartbreaking reality causes anger and frustration. Especially when individuals like my friend and Alberta MLA Todd Loewen knows of this disturbing information, feigns ignorance to it, and remains silent - as he campaigns to become the next Premier of Alberta.  

My ask, as well as my advice, to everyone reading this is to take the time to research this information yourself, once acknowledged for what it is, I’d suggest there’s a duty to share it out widely. The people of Alberta and Canada deserve to know. To those individuals running to be leader of the UCP (the next Premier of Alberta), those who are currently elected representatives of Alberta (all levels of government), those working in media, and those who have other platforms - I’d ask that you please share this information and begin talking about it. 

Here’s a quote from my dear friend Dr Dennis Modry;  “According to Jack Mintz, ending the oil and gas industry will result in a one third reduction in the average income of Albertans…Who doesn't want to be prosperous? In order to be prosperous…you need to be free.” 

“No Federal or Provincial party has protected our interests, our prosperity and our individual freedoms and rights - and there’s all kinds of evidence for that in the 116 years - why would you think that it's possible now?” 

“To any MLA candidate and sitting MLA that's going to run again; what will you do differently that hasn’t been done in the last 116 years to protect my interests, my individual freedoms and rights and my prosperity, and self-determination?”  

“If they won’t get to a point where they’re not going to have a referendum on Independence, then why would you vote for them? Because they will never have negotiating power with Ottawa. They will never have leverage.” - Dr Dennis Modry. 

Given the disturbing reality of the WEF’s intrusion and willful introduction into Alberta by elected representatives; the political theater, the lies, the selling of false hope and promises in suggesting that Alberta’s issues will be resolved by the implementation of the “Sovereignty Act” alone is offensive to me.  Albertans deserve political leaders who fight for them, who offer them honest solutions, rather than pandering to deep pocket interests who do not respect Albertans enough to honour their right to the conversation of the only meaningful solution which can provide an Alberta first strategy, a solution also that has the power to free all Albertans. First Nation peoples included. Through this solution Alberta can become a prosperous, free and self directed Republic. A Referendum on Independence is the best and most direct method of achieving that goal. Quebec has led the way in how to achieve power and Sovereignty. The people of Alberta deserve also the opportunity of that conversation. The opportunity of seeking that solution. 

My fourth Great Grandfather Chief Black Powder and third Great Uncle Chief Big Bear - the last holdouts of the signing of Treaty Six - had strong words for the global invaders of their time. “I will not live with a noose around my neck.” But alas, my Great Grandfather died a broken man. Living out his years chained and shackled, imprisoned behind iron bars, his people were imprisoned on their own lands under the Pass System. 

Today however - we are not yet done. No matter the attempt to undermine it, the Independence conversation is unstoppable. A fire has been lit - a prairie fire - a great awakening of the people. The Alberta Independence grassroots movement is growing in the hearts and minds of the people of Alberta and has spilled over into Saskatchewan. This powerful solution can be - should be - unleashed all across Canada. It has the power to free all Candians. 

Written by Bob Blayone, Membership Director


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