We will enact the following policies within 3 months of a successful election


Tax Structure

This tax structure replaces the combined provincial and federal taxes currently in place.

  • No Sales Tax or GST
  • No Income Tax on first $50k of personal income
  • No Carbon Tax
  • 20% tax on personal income over $50k ($100k earnings pays $10k in tax)
  • 8% business tax on domestic businesses
  • 9% business tax on foreign businesses

Pension Plan, Old Age Security and Employment Insurance

  • Existing CPP and EI programs will be replaced with Alberta Employment Insurance (AEI) and Alberta Pension Plan (APP)
  • These new programs will be completely self-funding
  • All Canada Pension Plan (CPP) accounts will be transferred to ATB and paid in full as committed
  • AEI will provide more flexibility for re-education and other programs than the current EI system
  • AEI and APP contributions will be 5% of earnings each on income up to $45k


  • We will replace the RCMP with an Alberta Police Force

Tax Collection

  • Revenue Canada tax collection will be replaced with Alberta Tax Collection
  • All tax dollars will be kept in Alberta

Social Programs

  • Social Programs including Heath Care and Education will not be negatively impacted
  • No structural change to Health Care


  • Education funding will be linked to the student
  • 100% funding to all public or private schools that adhere to the oath of rights and freedoms
  • Government testing will be put in place to ensure educational effectiveness for all students
  • We will ensure parents and educators continue on in an open relationship of mutual trust and permissions of the parents.

First Nations

  • We recognize the rights of Alberta’s First Nations to self-government
  • We will replace the existing Indian Act will a mutually beneficial agreement that provides true self-government to Alberta’s First Nations at no ongoing cost to Alberta taxpayers
  • A comprehensive First Nations Agreement will be in place prior to a referendum on Independence

The Path to Alberta Independence

  • A referendum will be held 4 months after the election date
  • A successful referendum result will trigger a 4 year transition period – the Independent Nation of Alberta will be fully formed by the end of the transition period.
  • The lives of everyday Albertan’s and their businesses will not be impacted
  • The following services will be created during the transition period
    • Alberta Border Control
    • Alberta Military
    • Alberta Currency
    • Foreign Relations
  • The following will be resolved during the 4 year transition period
    • First Nations Agreements
    • Trade Agreements
    • Recognition as the Independent Nation of Alberta
    • Negotiation with Canada
      • Transport of Goods through Alberta
      • National Parks
      • Alberta’s share of the national debt
    • A detailed plan for the creation of all new services and agreements will be created prior to a referendum on Independence
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