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The Independence Party is in need of additional support on the Provincial Board. 

If you have the skillset, capacity, and passion to make change, please send your application to

[email protected]

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See links below for vacancies:


Provincial Board of Directors Election 2024

Are you interested in being part of the biggest movement in Alberta history? We are looking for all those who are ready to stand firm in creating a prosperous & free Alberta. Apply today to become part of our provincial executive board.  


Applications will be accepted as an ongoing strategy for 2024.  The election for the current Board of Directors who have put their name forward and all contestants interested in becoming a Board member, will be held on April 20th, 2024 at the AGM in Carstairs, Alberta. 

  • You must be a member for a minimum of 21 days and sign a copy of our confidentiality agreement prior to submitting the application.
  • An application will be sent to you after a follow up call.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Board Position Descriptions:


  • Duties include chairing monthly meetings, setting the agenda, running the meetings and bringing forward motions from the board members and committees.
  • Ensures that all material pertinent to these meetings is distributed.
  • Runs the day-to-day business of the Party.
  • As Chief Executive officer the President guides and advises members of the Executive on their Roles in addition to holding them accountable.
  • Is automatically a member of all Committees. Must be informed of Committee meetings so (s)he can attend as need be.

Treasurer (Chief Financial Officer)

  • Maintain financial records for the board.
  • Monthly duties: Financial reporting, budgeting, reporting financial statements to the board, and AGM, disperses money as allocated by board (following GAAP), manages investments and bank accounts.
  • Quarterly duties: Elections Alberta (EA) submissions
  • Yearly duties: Find auditor, annual society report, mailbox renewal, EA yearly submission.
  • Holds the de facto CFO position for all CAs until such time as a suitable, board approved CFO for their CA is found.


  • Maintain all non-financial records (e.g., taking meeting minutes; maintaining motion log; clarifying past practices and decisions; confirming legal requirements and retrieving relevant documentation; ensuring meetings are effectively organized and recorded; maintaining effective records and administration; upholding the legal requirements of governing documents and laws; communication and correspondence to Directors and Members).
  • Receives and reviews all correspondence.
  • Assists in preparation for meetings and conferences.
  • Attends committees, takes notes, reports when called upon by President.

Policy Director

  • Serve as the Policy Committee Chair. To organize and manage all meetings and processes related to the consideration and adoption of the Bylaws of the Society and Policies of the Party.
  • Monthly duties: policy meetings, review existing policies, come up with new policies through committees.
  • Supervising the development of member Policy which may include, collecting information from the membership and assisting members and CAs in writing policy.
  • Gatekeeper for formalizing policy for the party to ensure written policies best reflect the values and political and economic aspirations of party members.

Communication Director

  • Responsibilities include develop Party brand and ensure brand integrity is maintained; create, establish, and drive a multi-platform communications strategy; manage all communications material (e.g., monitor all communiques to ensure they meet the standards set forth in the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures).
  • Oversee all internal/external and social media communication, including website design.
  • Monthly duties: Newsletter, press releases, social media posts, chair communications committees.
  • Responsible for written and video communications.
  • Performs constant and consistent outreach to news sources, media, local and provincial organizations to gain and keep public attention on the Party, its philosophy, objectives, and policies.
  • Supervises the development, appearance, and material for the website.
  • Will require skills to delegate tasks to committee members (e.g. Managing production of the website; Managing Nation Builder software platform; Dealing with all technology needs of the Party; Managing technology required for remote, virtual or email voting.

Membership Director

  • First VP so takes the place of the President in her/his absence or when called upon to do so
  • Vet members and collect officer agreements (confidentiality).
  • Designs a membership-building Plan and an activity calendar.
  • Builds a membership committee to help carry out this Plan.
  • Is direct contact with member(s) when required by the Board.
  • Is responsible for all membership issues and deals with concerns and complaints.
  • Monthly duties: Update member’s list, follow up with supporters to encourage membership purchase, membership drives. Initiatives to build membership. Updating tags on Nation Builder, sending out membership cards (electronically on Nation Builder)

Fundraising Director

  • Coordinate all fundraising efforts and activities.
  • Chair fundraising committee meetings.
  • Builds a strong Fundraising committee.
  • Prepares a fundraising Plan.
  • Develop initiatives for fundraising activities and execute plans.
  • Seek donations from members/supporters by creating innovative strategies for fundraising opportunities.
  • Track funds raised/expenses from fundraising events.
  • Engages all Directors and Regional Directors to assist in the Plan in their Regions.


Constituency Association Director

  • Actively engage with Officers and Members to establish Constituency Associations in accordance with the Party Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.
  • Builds provincial, regional and constituencies teams to build and maintain CAs across the province
  • Maintains communication with CAs as they grow and function
  • Plans and executes training sessions for developing CAs with Regional Directors.
  • Monthly duties: Follow up with CA leads, find new leads in community. Chair CA Committee meetings, chair founding CA Board meetings, liaison with established CA’s.
  • Does troubleshooting and acts as a resource officer for any CA issues that arise
  • Works with the President and Communications Director to develop and deliver Candidate Training sessions to Regional Directors and directly to candidates.

Ten (10) Directors at Large 

  • Chair specific committees as assigned to them from time to time.
  • Responsible for the management of affairs of the Association as assigned to them. Represent the interests of members throughout the region at Board meetings. Chair specific committees as assigned to them from time to time.
  • Monthly duties: Participate in at least on committee. Other duties as requested.