Board of Director Candidate Profiles




JAMES DOHERTY Canadian born, hard worker, step father of two wonderful boys now men, with a grave concern of where are Country is at right now and where we are headed.


ELI WEISBERG I was born in Edmonton at the turn of the century and have lived in Alberta ever since. I have been involved in politics for the past five years, starting as VP Policy for the Wildrose Party's Drayton Valley - Devon Constituency Association. I was deeply troubled by the "Unite the Right" rhetoric extolled by Jason Kenney and other establishment PC Party politicians in Alberta for its deceptive nature, as Albertans unwittingly sacrificed a more free, transparent and grassroots form of governance to embrace the same failed strategy of Redford-era backroom maneuvering that had just been ejected in the 2015 protest vote. When it became clear that not a shred of the Wildrose Party survived the merger, Marilyn Burns, myself, and other freedom-loving Albertans met in Nisku to form the Alberta Advantage Party as an alternative to the corrupt and oligarchic politics of the UCP. As time went on, I realized that there was becoming little chance of reform within confederation, as the hands of all provincial politicians were tied by the constant unconstitutional overreach of federal government policy. I then left the Alberta Advantage Party to start Wexit with Peter Downing and other Albertans who saw the economic opportunities that Alberta Independence would have for all Albertans, and not just the pitfalls of confederation. I was elected Policy Director for the Independence Party last year. In that time, I have written over eight internal governance policies, chaired dozens (if not hundreds) of committee meetings, created the Party Program with a number of talented Albertans, served as the unofficial interim CA Director for a brief period, contributed heavily to the Party's communication team and have performed countless other duties instrumental to the functioning of the Party. I am excited for the opportunity to serve you against this coming year on the Board of Directors. If I am elected, I will ensure that our Party Program is refined to an election-ready form by the time my term is up, I will complete the Party's platform for the 2023 election, I will continue to contribute to our communications strategy, I will collaborate heavily with developing CA Boards across the province for the Party, and I will do my very best to help make 2023 a historic year for the independence movement.  I am committed to keeping our Party positive, focusing on the opportunities and wealth that independence will create for Albertans rather than the disgusting federal neocolonialism which brought our province to this point. Most Albertans with eyes and ears are already well aware of the unfair position that Alberta has been in throughout its history.


DAVE CAMPBELL Dave is a business owner and entrepreneur with a strong conviction to upholding rules, laws, morals, ethics, and true conservatism. Dave has been a member of many political Boards of Directors, namely, Wild Rose, United Conservatrive Partry and The Independence Party of Alberta. Moreover, he has seviced in several leadership capacities including President, Policy Director and Fundraising Director. Dave believes that for Alberta to succeed, we have to seced fromthe anvil which is Canada.



I started life after high school when the other Trudeau was in the PMO. My apprenticeship was ended because of Trudeau policies back then and my life along with other Albertans, has once again being altered because of draconian policies to destroy Alberta’s economy. I went back to work on the farm and after working through a few winters, I had a brief career in the ski & recreation industry. From there I went to work in the oilpatch and eventually became a Test Geologist for 20 years, the feast or famine cycles became tiresome so I partnered to invest in a butcher shop in Carstairs AB in between. As usual the government moved the goalposts for game & domestic hence, we shut down. I then decided to put my carpentry skills to the test in 2011 and became a self-employed contractor and have been at it ever since.

I have been a separatist since Jean Chretien was in the PMO. My search for the party that held the same values as me ended when I discovered the Independence Party. I ran for MLA in the 2019 provincial election because I came to the realization that complaining about how this country is governed wouldn’t change a thing. I decided to continue the fight for independence by becoming a board member with the Independence Party of Alberta by helping to develop new self governance policies and working with Committees for the newly created Party Program. I have held 3 portfolios since May of 2019; Membership Director, Fundraising Director and Secretary. I am currently the Membership Director & Secretary.

With your vote, I wish to continue the fight against the totalitarian regimes both Federal and Provincial.  Thank you.



I was born in Fort McMurray as a 5th generation Albertan.  Three out of four of my great-grandparents were homesteaders in Alberta.  I was raised as a patriotic Canadian and loved what that represented when I grew up. I always knew that Albertans never had a fair say, but things were good and I was able to just live my life and had amazing opportunities growing up in this great province.

I had never been too involved in politics other than always practicing my right to vote. But the older I became and the more inequity I saw and the more I started learning more about this government system we call confederation. When 2015 hit and we ended up with a knee-jerk reaction government due to the corrupt conservative government, it became apparently clear to me that Alberta not only needs a change, but is ready for one. I started looking hard at my options.

I still did not get too heavily involved in politics at that point, but I started joining groups that were rallying for our resources. I could not believe the lies and propaganda against our energy industry, especially as I have worked in regulatory in the oil & gas industry for over 20 years.  The industry that has the highest regulatory standards in the world, the industry that allowed me to provide for my two children, the industry that built our province along side our farmers. I was amazed at how powerful a dollar could be when used to advertise misinformation.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid hit! More lies, more pandering politicians, more gaslighting, just more destruction of the province I love.  Now I actively looked for a group to join with some like-minded people who I could work beside to really make a change.  Well here I am, willing to give everything I have to get out from under this corrupt government.  Independence is the only answer!  I joined The Independence Party of Alberta in May of 2020 and eventually joined the board as the CFO & Communications Director.  I hope to continue working hard to make the dream of independence a reality!


ROGER WALKER Roger is rancher, oilfield worker and small business owner who believes first and foremost in an independent Alberta. Roger also believes in small government, protection of civil liberties and honesty in government and financial organizations. He has been serving on the board of directors as the strategy director. Roger ran as an MLA candidate for the Independence Party in the 2019 Provincial Election and is married with 3 sons. He has been serving on the board of directors as the strategy director.


I am a proud 4th generation Albertan and currently the Fund Raising Director for The Alberta Independence Party.  My great grandparents came here to find religious freedom and be able to provide for their families.  They settled in the Stirling area with their family.  Today there are still family members that work the original homestead.
I am disappointed in the current governments both federal and provincial lack of leadership in this trying time.  I have chosen to be part of The Independence Party of Alberta so that my children and grandchildren will have the same opportunities my great grandparents had and a bright future.  I have no experience in politics but I think that is good because I don't bring any preconceived ideas.  I believe that a free Alberta is possible and our freedom from an oppressive federal system and a provincial government that no longer listens to its people is what we need.  I will work long and hard to make separation happen.



I am proud to be a third generation Albertan. I have lived in Alberta my entire life except for six
years that I spent living abroad as a young adult. It was very enriching to experience life as a
resident in England, Germany, Northern Ireland and Hong Kong. I was proud of my Canadian
nationality, which was well respected everywhere I went. This experience also taught me
“There’s no place like home!”
But my beloved home has changed. Alberta was always prosperous and we didn’t mind sharing
the wealth. However, today we have a PM who is systematically choking the “golden goose”
while still demanding the golden eggs. However, our political structure gives us no way to
change this abusive treatment toward our province. I became involved in politics to try to
make things better by participating in the Wild Rose / Conservative merger. I thought I was
doing a good thing, but when the dust settled and I watched the Wild Rose hand control back to
the Old Guard, I regretted helping that happen. Our economy was being dismantled and there
was nothing we could do about it.
It became clear to me that separation from Canada was our only way out of this oppressive
relationship. I looked for a political party that values the same things I do – honesty,
transparency, accountability, and most of all, moral ethics and values. I watched The
Independence Party for a while. I learned that they practice what they preach. I joined the
party and the board in 2020. I have been privileged to contribute to formulating policies. I am
looking forward to working on establishing our CAs in preparation for independence. We have
everything we need to get there, and we will do it!


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