Board of Directors


Ron Robertson, Interim President

"The people of Alberta can only achieve their full potential if they choose to separate and form their own independent republic."

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Charlene Schramm, Director of Finance

"The Independence Party represents Alberta’s best chance for a government built on the values of truth and justice: values we are uncompromising in championing."

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Bert Noel, Director of Policy

"Help this party grow and reach our goal of creating the Sovereign Republic of Alberta."

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Mike Worthington, Director of Strategy

"The supremacy of God, the rule of law, and the dignity and worth of the individual and the family is the bedrock of a free society."

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Dawn Elzinga, Director of Planning & Infrastructure

“We have skin in the game – this is our children and grandchildren’s future we’re talking about. We will continue to Stand Strong like our forebearers did when they settled this wild, rugged and beautiful land. We encourage all Albertans to dig deep and honor the spirit of integrity, traditional values, self-reliance, independence and inner strength that is who and what we are, and what once defined this great country.”

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Rahman Derrick, Director of Youth Engagement

"All Albertans should have the power to manage their own lives without constant meddling from destructive globalist policies administered through their proxies in Ottawa or Edmonton."

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Lisa Bourke-Schulte, Party Secretary

"An independent and prosperous Alberta will ensure our children's and grandchildren’s health, happiness and future."

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Bill Daugherty, Director Of Constituency Associations

"Separation is Alberta's only option to maintain its prosperity and self determination and strongly supports the goals of Alberta Independence in their pursuit!"

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Brent Hudkins, Director

“Whining and crying doesn’t do a thing. We don’t need more arm-chair critics, we need people to get themselves in gear – be a part of the solution.”

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 Terrance Hoggan -Director Of Fundraising