• When a majority government is formed by the Party, we will pass the Alberta Independence Act, which will lay out the framework for a referendum on independence, the negotiation process, and will institute a transition period.
  • We will attempt to separate through the legal process established under the Clarity Act, holding a referendum on separation for Albertans.
  • If the Federal Government engages in hostile behaviors (acts in “bad faith”) or attempts to interfere in or obstruct the separation process, we will achieve de facto unilateral secession through a declaration of independence signed by the Premier.


  • We will implement a new system of governance that is more efficient, is much smaller, is automatically held accountable to its promises and the will of the people, is paid based on performance, and is directly elected by all Albertans.
  • The new system will have transparency and integrity directly integrated into its structure.
  • We will greatly reduce the level of bureaucracy in Alberta and will seek to automate as much of it as possible, allowing tax dollars to be used for projects and services that benefit all Albertans.



This tax structure replaces the combined provincial and federal taxes currently in place.

  • No tax will be applied on the first $30,000 of personal income each year. After the $30,000 deduction is applied, all additional income will be taxed at 25%.
  • We will eliminate the debt burden left to us by the federal government and UCP/NDP mismanagement with a surtax and shall strive to be debt free.
  • We will simplify tax forms greatly and will create a new secure online option for completing tax forms.
  • We will eliminate the Fuel Tax, the Education Property Tax, and all forms of carbon taxation.


  • We will improve the quality of medical health services in Alberta and will provide alternatives to the current system.
  • We will increase transparency in the healthcare system.
  • We will increase the efficiency of the healthcare system by incentivising performance, leveraging telemedicine and automation, and decreasing waste in the public system.
  • We will ensure all Albertans have access to cutting edge mental health treatments and will strive to end the current mental health crisis in Alberta.


  • We will separate the public system into Vocational, Scientific and Business Streams, allowing students to receive an education tailored to their strengths, which will improve education outcomes over the current “one size fits all” education system.
  • We will adopt more rigorous curricula, allowing Albertan students to catch up and surpass currently superior foreign education systems.
  • We will separate undergraduate and graduate education institutions, reducing the unreasonable demands placed on research-oriented institutions.
  • We will create a voucher system for alternative education curricula, allowing families from any socioeconomic background to enrol their children in the school of their choice.


  • We will eliminate the restricted firearms list and greatly reduce the number of prohibited firearms.
  • We will implement harsher penalties for the possession of illegal firearms and for violent and organised criminal activities.
  • We will strive to ensure that mentally healthy and trained Albertans will enjoy faster license processing times and more freedoms with regards to firearm use and ownership.
  • We will strive to ensure Albertans are not unfairly punished for defending their lives and property.


  • We will transition the justice system from a Common Law system to a Civil Law system so that all Albertans will know the standard by which they are judged, and to provide consistent rulings irrespective of the personal beliefs and biases of a judge.
  • We will reform the prison system to ensure criminals pay back their victims and society for the social and material damage caused, while helping prisoners develop the skills they need to succeed after their release.
  • We will ensure that individuals that commit egregious crimes who have little hope of being reformed are given severe sentences that will inhibit their ability to further damage society and other prisoners.
  • We will strive to ensure that administrative law is handled in a more fair and transparent manner.
  • We will strive to repair the Youth and Family court system to prevent the exploitation and mental torture of children.


  • We will create an Alberta Pension Plan (APP) to replace the current Canadian Pension Plan (CPP).
  • We will replace Employment Insurance programs with a Worker Assistance program, which is tailored to helping able bodied Albertans switch careers, take time off for important live events, contribute to society, receive required education, and find a new job quickly.
  • We will replace existing social security programs with the Alberta Social Assistance Program, which will provide flexible benefits and a reasonable standard of living for elderly, permanently disabled, and unemployable Albertans.
  • We will strive to repair the Youth and Family court system to prevent the exploitation and mental torture of children.