The Independence Party

The Independence Party is proud to be able to offer the people of Alberta the policies that our government would implement on their behalf, if elected, for their consideration.
Alberta’s political history has been defined by our willingness to sacrifice convention to take the road less traveled. From the United Farmers of Alberta to Social Credit to Klein, Albertans have never been afraid of change. Independence is a natural extension of our spirit and will provide Albertans with an opportunity to abandon convention and embrace a better future once again.
Our Program is a living document, which shall be updated yearly to reflect the views of Albertans and offer them the best possible solutions to the many issues we face today. We want to create the very best possible nation for Albertans, and with that commitment comes the necessity of change.
Please feel free to share with your family, friends and neighbours.

Truly Yours,
The Independence Party Board of Directors

Please see below, TIPs notable platform points.

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Alberta Government Accountability & Transparency 

Elected Representatives; will have the right and duty to vote their conscience and the will of their constituents - no party whip

Elected Representatives; annual performance reviews with available mechanisms to hold MLAs accountable locally - with sanctions and/or recall 

Elected Representatives; will not affiliate with global organizations not aligned with Alberta’s values, rights and freedoms, including but not limited to the WHO, WEF and UN 

Alberta Public Health Care 

Broken Alberta Health Services; politicians must take action, identify dysfunction and corruption - taking accountable action on both

Restructuring Public Health Care; patients will come first in Alberta’s new world leading, decentralized, community based public health care system 

Root Cause Health Care; create social programs that are results based to create purposeful healing & training, to help foster self-sufficient, independent and healthy communities 


Alberta Economy & Finance 

Fair tax system; pay no personal income taxes on your first $30,000 of personal income, up to a maximum 25% flat tax above that.

No More Carbon Tax; a needless tax enacted unconstitutionally that hurts all Albertans

Extensive Audit; deep dive on government spending (taxpayer expenditures), address corruption and waste 

End Equalization; $600 billion dollars has been taken from Albertans in the last sixty years, currently approximately $30 billion a year is taken 

Alberta Self-reliance; strive to become a self-sufficient Alberta 


Alberta Education

Parental Leverage; funding follows students - all year long. Parents will have educational options that suits their child’s needs

Back to The Basics; remove identity politics from schools, no more indoctrination. Let kids be kids - get back to the basic foundations of education


Alberta Justice

Justices; will be beholden to the people of Alberta, base decisions on the rule of law as written and honor the Alberta Human Rights Act 

Parents and Guardians; rights to make decisions for their own children will be respected and honoured

Victims; reform criminal law, creating systems where offenders fairly compensate those they harm, repayment of social & material damages awarded to victims of crimes

Accountability; public servants found guilty of cronyism or patronage appointments shall be discharged of their duties and prosecuted


Alberta Agriculture/Small Business/Oil & Gas 

Right to Farm; Alberta’s agricultural sovereignty will be defended without apology, against government and bureaucratic overreach, as well as Federal & global anti-farming elements and organizations 

Defending Alberta Business; crippling government interference & red tape will come to an end - elected representatives and bureaucrats will be there to serve Alberta businesses 

Right to Resource Prosperity; Alberta has a Constitutional Right to tidal water access. It’s time to truly defend that Sovereign right and freedom 

Buy Alberta; Beef, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Forestry and Mining - all prosperous Alberta industries. Proudly produced by Albertans. Buy Alberta First.