Brent Hudkins

Brent has over 36 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry. Born in Edmonton, he has called many parts of this province his own. Married for over 43 years, he is the father of 3 sons, one an electrician and two who now also work in the oil sands driving trucks. Semi-retired, he continues his role as the family “bread winner” now however, as skilled baker. He is a man of strong faith but believes with equal conviction in the equal and fair treatment for all people. As a young man, he began a 36-year career as a battery operator in Swan Hills and Fort McMurray and as a Power Engineer in the heart of the oil sands for Suncor. 

Brent has worked with some of the largest names in the industry bringing a wealth of knowledge regarding the natural resource industry and the communities which support them. He was a firsthand witness to Alberta’s cycles of boom and bust, keeping a close eye on the role that Canadian federal politics played in them. He personally experienced the destructive effects of Pierre Trudeau’s devastating “National Energy Program” and has watched the erosion of individual rights with concern.

However, where many did not notice or admit, he also was keen to note the ineffective (or absent) efforts of the Conservative Party in combating the damage of Socialist agendas from Ottawa and abroad. After years of watching this cycle and the lack of respect for the people it was imposed on, he felt the time was right to put his experience to work in service of the people of Alberta, their future and their legacy. After volunteering with several organizations, he has accepted a position as a board member with The Independence Party.

His standpoint is straightforward, and purpose driven: “whining and crying doesn’t do a thing. We don’t need more arm-chair critics, we need people to get themselves in gear – be a part of the solution.”

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