Director at Large

Dawn Elzinga

Dawn hails from Peers, Alberta where she and her husband are owners of a local agribusiness. An experienced and fierce advocate for the safety and rights of children, she is a mother of seven and grandmother of one (so far). Dawn, her husband and her family most recently served on the frontline assisting with firefighting efforts during the Alberta wildfire crisis. Politically, Dawn and her family took an active and fierce role in pushing back in defense of the people from the moment government overreach crossed the line. She has played an active role in supporting her local community to organize against the rising tide of crime in her constituency.

She has also taken an uncompromising stand in defense of the next generation of Albertans. She has seen firsthand the destructive effects of Globalist policies and their Marxist influences and will push back hard against anything that would seek to strip us of the ability to define and live our lives as we see fit. In her own words, “We have skin in the game – this is our children and grandchildren’s future we’re talking about. We will continue to Stand Strong like our forebearers did when they settled this wild, rugged and beautiful land. We encourage all Albertans to dig deep and honor the spirit of integrity, traditional values, self-reliance, independence and inner strength that is who and what we are, and what once defined this great country.”

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