Director At Large

Rahman Derrick

As a passionate humanitarian Rahman Derrick found the joy in community involvement from a young age. From being involved in team sports, winning the lead role in the school play to being on the school choir and later band he’s always been a sociable person. Being involved in the junior, high school, university and provincial elections you could say political service has been his passion as well. Attending university in Ontario, Rahman graduated with an Honours BBA and concurrently an Honours Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in small business in 2011. He has a diverse career background, having worked in outdoor education, retail, sports and entertainment, hospitality, banking, commercial warehousing and is familiar with the inside of a workshop from his time apprenticing in a heavy-duty mechanics shop. All of these varied experiences have allowed Rahman to develop a sharp understanding of the issues and elements that society faces, and has solidified his resolve to "leave the world better than we found it".

As a member of the board of The Independence Party, Rahman advocates for all Albertans who believe they should have the power to manage their own lives without constant meddling from destructive globalist policies administered through their proxies in Ottawa or Edmonton. With a fun and engaging approach, Rahman hopes to entice Albertans old and young alike to embrace a more locally focused, sustainably built society and economy for the benefit of Albertans today and for generations to come.

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