Director, Constituency Associations

Bill Daugherty

Bill has lived in Alberta for practically his entire life and lives currently in Rosebud, near Drumheller. Now semi-retired, he worked previously as an electrician and successfully ran his own contracting company servicing all of east-central Alberta. Bill is a strong advocate for the fair and equitable treatment of all people. As an experienced international traveler, he was once proud to tell others that he was a Canadian, but time and circumstances have shaken his assurances in that sentiment. His political activities gave Bill a sharp awareness of the disadvantage Alberta and the western provinces are confronted with in their present relationship with Canada.

In all his dealings Bill is well known to strive to understand both sides of any position and look for solutions that serve the people’s best interests. However, in this case he believes firmly that where history and present political trends are concerned, there is simply no viable solution for the west to remain in Canada while still maintaining its integrity. He has concluded that separation is Alberta's only option to maintain its prosperity and self determination and strongly supports the goals of Alberta Independence in their pursuit! 

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