The Independence Party of Alberta Party Program

Created by Albertans, for Albertans!

The Independence Party is proud to be able to offer the people of Alberta the policies that  our government would implement on their behalf, if elected, for their consideration. 

Alberta’s political history has been defined by our willingness to sacrifice convention to  take the road less traveled. From the United Farmers of Alberta to Social Credit to Klein,  Albertans have never been afraid of change. Independence is a natural extension of our  spirit and will provide Albertans with an opportunity to abandon convention and embrace  a better future once again.  

Our Program is a living document, which shall be updated yearly to reflect the views of  Albertans and offer them the best possible solutions to the many issues we face today. We  want to create the very best possible nation for Albertans, and with that commitment  comes the necessity of change.  

Truly Yours, 

The Independence Party Board of Directors