Ron Robertson

Ron was born and raised in Edmonton and currently resides in Leduc with his wife Brenda and their blue heeler, Tynder.  After a rewarding career serving the community with the Edmonton Police Service, he then entered the private sector.  His business endeavors have included owning and running a very successful driver examination service, home inspection business and working presently as a certified Dry Blood Microscopy analyst. Ron is an avid outdoorsman enjoying hiking and camping in particular.  When time permits, he also has a passion for landscape and wildlife photography and is in addition a skilled marksman and sport shooter. 

Ron believes that Alberta was brought into the confederation of Canada merely as a resource to be exploited by Laurentian elites; a relationship that is still the norm to this day. He accepts the tragic reality that there is no chance Albertans will ever achieve their potential or be treated with equality by remaining within Canada. Because of this, he firmly believes that the people of Alberta can only achieve their full potential if they choose to separate and form their own independent republic. It is his greatest hope that the end result of his lifetime of service to his community both in his career and on the board of the Independence Party will be the realization of that goal.

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