"There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves." Jose Rizal

---------------------FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE---------------------

Jason Kenney does not know the strength of the Alberta spirit, nor can he seem to manage it.  Two principled MLA's have stood up for the people they represent and have called for his resignation.  Of course this has led to their expulsion from the UCP Caucus.  
The Independence Party would like to extend their appreciation to Drew Barnes and Todd Loewen for taking the higher road. Like them we believe the leader of the UCP has lost the faith of the base that voted him in and is severely mismanaging this crisis in Alberta. It is time for Jason Kenney to step down.
We would also like to call on the other 15 MLA's, who signed the letter disagreeing with the reinstatement of the lockdowns, to also represent the people in your constituencies and resign from the UCP. The Albertans you represent need you now more than ever. 
Lastly, if any of you MLA's believe as we do, that it is time for Alberta to be its own nation, we invite you to come join us in the biggest and most important movement to Alberta's future.



Independence Party of Alberta

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