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February 26, 2021 – Calgary, Alberta


The UCP’s 2021 budget for Alberta is pandering to the socialist agenda. They have essentially told Alberta that we will be stuck in “pandemic” mode for quite some time.  There are no new ideas for keeping our seniors and vulnerable population safe and no plan to save the EXISTING small businesses that are being destroyed with their weak policies.  At the end of the day, Kenney’s UCP government will only cater to their federalist counterparts’ wishes.  They are not here for Alberta.

This budget guarantees the destruction of Alberta as indiscriminate spending continues in perpetuity. The health care budget does not address any real solutions to protecting the care homes and their job creation plan does not consider the people who have been financially destroyed by this pandemic.  What about anyone who is over 50 who has lost their job?  What about our Alberta small/medium business that are shutting their doors? There is no significant plan in the budget to protect people who have been the foundation of Alberta’s growth.

It is time to call on this government to end these lockdowns and come up with a real plan that protects our vulnerable and gets hardworking Albertans back to business!





Vicky Bayford, Director of Communications, The Independence Party of Alberta

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 403-836-2119



Open Letter to Inspector Mike Lokken

Inspector Mike Lokken

Detachment Commander

Parkland RCMP Detachment

91 Campsite Road

Spruce Grove AB T7X 3Z1

(825) 220-2000


Dear Inspector Lokken,


My name is Peter Downing.  I am a former RCMP Constable, having served in Alberta from 2006-2015.   I am the Co-founder of the Wexit Alberta Separatist Movement and I am currently serving as the Public Safety Critic for The Independence Party of Alberta (TIP). 


Like many Albertans, I was shocked and appalled by the recent arrest and subsequent incarceration of Pastor James Coates of Grace Life Church by Parkland County RCMP.  While ostensibly your police service arrested him under the provisions of the Alberta Public Health Act, you must know that many Albertans have serious doubts about the legitimacy of the Kenney government's COVID19 pandemic narrative.  Notable concerns include: 

  • no known sample of the virus has been isolated from a live symptomatic patient;
  • there have been no recorded cases of the common flu this season;
  • the average age of reported death from COVID19 in Alberta matches the average Canadian life expectancy (82 years);
  • the relative emptiness of Alberta hospitals, contrasted with official government narrative;
  • the high degree of false positives recorded from COVID19 PCR tests.

Furthermore, as high-profile members of Alberta’s LGBTQ community, you and Premier Kenney must be alive to your own community's history of legal restrictions on the freedom of assembly, stemming back to the famed New York Stonewall Riots of 1969.  Despite the previous legal prohibitions on freedom of assembly for the LGBTQ community, I am sure that you both agree that civil disobedience is sometimes necessary when facing unjust laws.


So why is it that you would not extend the same consideration to Pastor James Coates and other members of the Christian Faith who enjoy protected constitutional status with regards to Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly?  Given that the current restrictive measures imposed by AHS’s Dr. Deena Hinshaw are both dubious and constitutionally illegal, why as a sworn law enforcement professional, trained thoroughly in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, would you arrest and imprison a husband, father, and community pillar for enjoying his constitutionally protected rights while serving his community?


When I was a front-line constable, serving in various Alberta communities (including Parkland County), one of the biggest frustrations of law enforcement personnel was the routine dismissal by the courts of serious criminal offences by an out-of-touch liberal judiciary, under the auspices of upholding the Charter Rights of the Accused (no matter how flimsy a justification).  As you fully well know, the legal principle behind this is to not "bring the administration of justice into disrepute". 


Sir, I can confidently say that in this case, not only has the administration of justice been brought into disrepute, but your command in this matter has also been brought into disrepute.  Despite the various competing demands and political pressures of law enforcement, you are always expected to uphold individual charter rights and freedoms without "fear, favour, or affection".  The optics in this case are atrocious.


On behalf of many like-minded Albertans, I am now asking you to request Alberta Crown Counsel to withdraw all charges against Pastor James Coates.  Like the Prophet Daniel, he is innocent.  Not only was his arrest and incarceration grossly unconstitutional (and therefore illegal), but prosecuting this man is clearly not in the public interest, and will only serve to erode public trust in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


In closing Sir, I wish you nothing but the best.  I pray for the Lord Jesus Christ's blessing of protection for yourself and for all the sworn law enforcement personnel under your command.  I also pray for the swift release of Pastor James Coates, that he be promptly returned to his family, that he be able to continue his pastoral ministry unmolested by the Parkland County RCMP.  



Best Regards,



Peter Downing, Public Safety Critic

The Independence Party of Alberta

RCMP 53188 (ret)


Albertans deserve better!  Well here it is! The Independence Party of Alberta has released its party program to the public. After many long hours of volunteered time by our committee members who researched and reached out to Albertans to get feedback; we are pleased to announce the Board of Directors have approved the new program. “This plan is very unique and we look forward to hearing from the Alberta public,” stated Vicky Bayford, CFO & Director of Communications for the party. You can view the document here.

There will be an online town hall hosted via Facebook live on January 28, 2021 at 7pm. This is open to anyone who wishes to ask questions or comment on the new party program.





Independence Party of Alberta

[email protected]


Vicky Bayford

CFO & Director of Communications


[email protected]


Open Letter to Jason Kenney December 2020

Dear Mr. Kenney,

The Independence Party of Alberta would like remind you of your duty to Albertans.  You have fallen short of your "promise made, promise kept".  While we can see you have been busy trying to "save us" from a virus that most of us will survive, you have been negligent in protecting us from the federal government's plan to destroy our province. From fiscal unfairness in transfer payments and the increase in the carbon tax to Bills like C69 and C48, you have accomplished NOTHING.  Your fair deal panel came back with a report and you still have not acted on it.  You whine and complain to this corrupt federal government body and you write letters full of hot air!  Where is the action?!  When do Albertans get treated fairly?!  When do you start doing your job?!  It is time for a referendum for separation!

We implore you Mr. Kenney to do the right thing!  Call a referendum for separation NOW!  We will never get a fair deal and talking about it is not CHANGING anything.  Things are turning dire sir!  Action needs to happen now! If you truly care for Alberta, then do something!

When the next election comes and we are still part of this stacked system, The Independence Party will be ready to take Albertans where THEY want to go!  A government will be built by Albertans for Albertans.  We will get out of this tyrannical cesspool and you can leave to be with your globalist cronies. You will be remembered, don't worry.  Probably just not as you think of yourself.

You still have the ability to do the right thing for Alberta!  Will you do it?




The Independence Party 

#DiscoverYourIndependence #FreeAlberta #AlbertaSeparation

The Independence Party of Alberta Rejects The Draconian Lockdown of the People and Businesses of Alberta



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The Independence Party of Alberta Rejects The Draconian Lockdown of the People and Businesses of Alberta


December 9, 2020 – Calgary, Alberta


Albertans have suffered irreparable harm by the inability of the UCP government, under the direction of Jason Kenney, to act swiftly and decisively when originally faced with the Covid-19 crisis. The two-faced approach of this government; talking about preserving freedoms in one breath and little by little taking them away in another, has caused confusion and more divisiveness in our province than had they actually just chose a course of action.


TIP President David Campbell stated: “The emotional and economic toll that federal and provincial governments have levelled upon Albertans will become tragically clear very shortly. Bankruptcies, joblessness, and suicides, already at historic levels will, undoubtably, continue to skyrocket. Although Albertans are resilient and hardy people, the future of our children and grandchildren is being destroyed because governments of all stripe and level continue to pile on ideologically unnecessary and unwarranted lockdowns. Moreover, the billions in debt being accumulated by these globalists is completely unsustainable.”


We call on Mr. Kenney and his sycophants to reverse these oligarchic measures and protect our vulnerable seniors and citizens in our assisted living facilities, repeal the draconian legislation inside of Bill 10, and stop pandering for votes by trying to play both sides of the fence.  The only real danger for Albertans is to stay in lockdown!



Independence Party of Alberta

[email protected]


David Campbell



[email protected]


Online Townhall November 26, 2020

Join us on November 26, 2020 at 7:00pm for an online townhall hosted by our executive board on Facebook live. The Independence Party will be doing a 30 to 40 minute presentation followed by a Q & A session. We look forward to seeing you there!


Independence Party of Alberta Announces Successful Online AGM

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