Bert Noel

Bert was born and raised in St. Paul Alberta and was a conservative voter his whole life. Before retiring, he worked in the field of construction for the entirety of his career moving up into a management role for its last 15 years. Although in retirement he enjoys golf, camping and stick curling, Bert began to see that the mainstream political parties were not offering solutions to help the people and decided something had to be done.

After the failure of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to protect the people of Canada, it became obvious to him that conservative party members including provincials were placing their obscenely large paycheques, pensions, careers and “legacies” ahead of the people they were elected to serve. When the Liberal Party seized power and began to force their extremism on Canadians, he realized there had to be a different way.

Both he, his wife Judy and his friends started to fight back and protest against the tide starting in 2017. Although he explored working with other parties, he found none that were active or organized enough to stand as an effective alternative. He then discovered the Independence Party and although it was small and just starting out, felt it was the right place and time to jump on board.

Bert feels strongly that the people he has met from the party and its board are in it for the right reasons and also believe strongly in promoting our independence as a sovereign republic. Both he and Judy look forward to getting more involved to help this party grow and reach our goal of creating the Sovereign Republic of Alberta.

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