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We in Alberta only have 1 chance and that is with our close knit TIP Family. All the other political parties are Liars, we have openly experience this is these past Covid years. COVID is a virus similar like othe flu virus. If we are healthy, our immune system will look after us. Everything they said about the virus was a lie and I am living proof as I am over 65 years of age. Many of us have talked about Independence for many years, because central Canada has been penetrating us (being polite). With the help of APP we learned what our best options are. We are tired of past leaders talking nice and always kissing the but of Central Canada. With Pastor Art, he will be speaking what we all have been thinking. We will be the next Prov. Govt if we all work together as a close family.

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    I grew up in small farming community in NE Saskatchewan. I farmed a mixed farming operation, cattle and grain . Married and raised a family of 2 daughters. In winter I often worked on drilling rigs in Alberta and Nothern BC. Farming became non profitable. So I went to Fort McMuuray, AB and worked for contractor. I was lucky i got the opportunity to work at Snycrude with Fording Coal. Fording started Electric Shovel and 300 ton Heavy Haul Trucks. It was a 10 year contract,I moved my farmily to Fort McMurray. My wife went back to college and got work at Suncor. My wife wanted divorce , no love anymore. My wife remarried and I stayed single. My children graduated, my oldest daughter became RN and my other daughter became teacher. After the contracted with Fording ended. I went to Calgary and went back to college got my Diploma in Travel & Tourism. Where I became a Travel Agent and built my own Travel Agency, First Choice Travel & Tours. For the next 15 years i became invoved with culture groups, Indonesian and Philippine Senior Clubs. My daughter now both married and live in Calgary too. At age of 65 I retired in 2018 at came to Bali, Indonesia. Where I have a retirement visa. When I was planning on keeping my resident in Calgary. Covid Came. Yes Covid was a flu virus. I did not get the vax, being healthy my immune system protected me.

    We lived normal live in Indonesia, some got vax some did not. We still all lived normal lives, working, socializing, eating together as families ,young,older and babies. There was no spread. . Yes they did wear mask, did temperation checks, hand washing. at businesses, banks, mall. 1 meter spacing for religous gathering

    It was just BS that was forced on to Canadians by governments and media was not true. It was the same as a normal flu. As proven now the vaxccine is more harmful than virus.

    It is difficult to share yourself, when you are not face to face. I just wanted you to have some history on me.

I am a Calgary resident, I am Non Vax,Travel Mandates make it not safe for me to return with option of International travel. I do not Trust any of the 4 political parties, UCP,PC, NDP. Liberals.
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