The Fox is in the Henhouse, Get the Gun

---------------------FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE---------------------

Albertans, get ready to be flogged, the Liberals have doubled down on their socialist and globalist build back better mantra with the introduction of budget 2021.

As the leftist horde comes looking for the hundreds of billions it will cost to implement economic stimulus packages for the likes of SNC Lavalin and Bombardier, a national pharma-care program to satisfy Jagmeet, and their personal wet dream – universal basic income, where will their scandalous beady eyes settle, of course, the already half-cooked golden goose….Alberta.

President, David Campbell stated “The Independence Party will be here to greet the Liberals with a load of buckshot if they try to lay one hand on Alberta taxpayer dollars, or if they try to trample our constitutionally given powers. We are the only Party that people can rely on to protect Albertans and our way of life.”

We call on all Albertans to do what is best for our future generations #DiscoverYourIndependence.




Independence Party of Alberta

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David Campbell



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