Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will! If you have already begun to withdraw from the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), you can continue to do so in the future. If you have not begun to withdraw your pension, you will be rolled over to the Alberta Pension Plan (APP). The APP will be designed to grow the funds of beneficiaries in a sustainable way and will be managed by a third party agency so that risky partisan policies do not get in the way of Albertans’ retirements.

At present, there is only one truly separtist party in Alberta. Other political entities espouse equality or independence, which is far different than separation. TIP will always give Alberta voters a full separtist option at the ballot box. We are always open for like-minded parties and groups to buy a membership and help us propel Alberta into nationhood.

We believe that Albertans should never be afraid to defend themselves and their property. In rural communities, due to the unacceptable levels of rural crime, concealed and/or open carry is becoming more and more necessary to provide a deterrent against criminals. In solidarity with rural Albertans, our Party would support a referendum on the legalisation of open and concealed carry.

As a Canadian organization, the RCMP will have to be replaced by a new national police force anyway. During the transition period, we will replace the RCMP with the Alberta Sheriffs Branch on a temporary basis. After separation, we will establish a new national police force which will be the sole police force in Alberta. The officers in the new service will not be moved around, and will be expected to integrate into the community they are stationed in to improve public accountability.

Alberta, as a separate nation, will be ranked as one of the top ten in the world with regards to per capita GDP. Canada, which sits 17th, will tumble out of the top 20. Canada needs Alberta much more than we need Canada. Each year, Ottawa’s financial mismanagement is causing our province and the country to devolve into a third world nation. We can’t afford not to separate! The Party has a plan to pay off the national debt quickly, boost the post-independence economy, and leverage new and time-honoured industries. Separation is a golden opportunity for Albertans.

Once we form government we will begin to buy equipment through our police force which will enable us to protect our borders as soon as the people of Alberta vote for secession. We take border security very seriously, and will create a new border enforcement and immigration agency to ensure that the rule of law is maintained.

We already have access to tidewater through the US and through the Trans Mountain pipeline. We will negotiate a fair deal, nation to nation, with Canada that is mutually beneficial to both nations. If by chance Canada wants to play hard ball, we will excerpt our rights to our railways, highways and airways. Landlocked Canada from the province of British Columbia will be much more detrimental to Canada than Alberta.

As time goes on we expect other prairie provinces to secede which will provide access to Churchill and Alaska or northern British Columbia.


Additionally, if the A2A rail line proceeds it will also provide access to a deep water port in Alaska.

Alberta will have the 129 largest population in the world. There are 106 nations with less people. Alberta would be the 40th largest country, regarding land mass, in the world - about three times larger than the United Kingdom, over twice as large as Japan and Germany. And, Alberta is home to the 3rd largest oil reserves on the planet. Countries will be lining up to do business with a free enterprise Alberta.

The best health care systems employ a blend of public and private care. We will take the best of both to ensure that all Albertans have access to the best care at the best cost.

We will be creating our own currency, the Alberta Prosperity Certificate, which will be issued in dollar denominations. We believe that Albertans need to have domestic control over their currency so it can better reflect the needs of the public rather than international interests.

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